Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pit and peak of my week - week 32!

On one hand, this week flew by and on the other, it dragged!  It was a long and busy week which left me exhausted.  So much so, I forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair on Friday night and left the car unlocked, which I've never done before!  But that's what weekends are for.  Catching up on sleep and work!

Oh lads I'm not the better of the pit of my week.  I was getting ready to have an early night on Tuesday and let Bailey outside for a widdle.  I heard a little noise in the kitchen but thought it was the wind outside or an insect that was going to make me scream when I found it.  Closer inspection saw that it was the power source to the control panel for the gas heater making the noise, and even worse, I could see sparks behind the switch.  I went into panic mode and tried to dial Joanne's number so I could FaceTime her and Will to show them and ask what to do.  I drew a blank on how to FaceTime, I was that shaken! 

Will was telling me not to touch it because it was connected to the gas heater so I had to ring the gas emergency line and do you think I could describe what the problem was in proper English at all?  They said it was ok and to get an electrician as soon as I could.  I finally figured out how to turn off the mains in the house and with Joanne telling me to wear runners and me standing with a wooden spoon in my hand, phone call still happening so if anything happened to me, Joanne would know, I turned off the switch and rang an electrician who said he'd nobody that night but would ring me back the next morning.  I spent that night in bed figuring out an escape route if the house went on fire, but thankfully nothing happened.  I rang for an electrician the next morning because the other gobshite never rang me back and by 10.30, all was fixed and I was €90 poorer, but safe and mentally exhausted.  Not able!

The peak of my week was going to visit my pal Kim and her new baby Jessica!  I haven't seen her in ages so it was nice to catch up and see the kiddies in action.  It still boggles my mind that she has two chiddlers who are gorgeous and I get to be the mad aunt that gives them the loudest toys (with new batteries in them, you're welcome) at Christmas.  I'm good like that.  Christmas is going to be loud in the Kelleher household this year!

So tell moi, how was your week?

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