Monday, August 26, 2013

Shiseido Ibuki review

Who wants to breathe new life into their skin?  Moi for sure!  Fear not fellow mid twenties to mid thirties ladies *ahem*, for Shiseido are bringing out a new skincare range, Ibuki, that promises to help keep our skin in check despite the daily stresses we have to deal with.

My skin goes through phases where it breaks out, then goes dry, then becomes dull and this is all thanks to real life.  I get stressed, don't get enough sleep and trying to balance everything really can take a toll on my skin.

Ibuki promises to hydrate, perfect skin texture and prevent damage from environmental factors.  I was given a starter set to play with a couple of weeks ago and have been putting it to the test.  I'm waiting to hear if it's available to buy on counters and hopefully it will be because starter sets like this are a great way of trying out a new range without spending a huge amount of money.

The Ibuki Gentle Cleanser (€35/125mls) lathers up into a creamy, luxurious foam on contact with water and gently cleanses the skin without leaving it feeling tight.  When I met with the brand, they'd a gorgeous face brush that they used with the cleanser and I'm totally going to buy that and try it out with this.

The Ibuki Softening Concentrate (€28/75mls) is used in place of a toner and this penetrates the skin quickly, giving it a hit of hydration that lasts all day.  I've loved using this and it leaves my skin feeling soft and plump, ready for the next step, the moisturiser.

The Ibuki Refining Moisturiser (€50/75mls) gives the skin a smooth, refined texture while keeping it hydrated for the day.  This feels light on my skin but I haven't seen a hint of dryness while I've been using it.

To me, Shiseido is a luxury skincare brand and so I've been "treating" myself and using the products at night.  What I have noticed is that it's taking me longer to go to sleep because I keep lying there and breathing in the delicate floral scent that I'm obsessed with.  Ob. Sessed.  It's a skincare regime that I look forward to using every evening and my skin is loving it.  My face is smooth, plumped, hydrated and I'm ready to take on the world!  I just need to go to bed a half an hour earlier so I can enjoy the scent of these guys before trying to get my eight hours!

The entire range will be on counters on September 9th.  Are you going to breathe new life into your skin?

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