Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Favourite Five is back! Week 31!

After a bit of a break, the Favourite Five is back!  These are the posts that stuck with me for the week, that I went back to check more than once and that made me want to spend money and try new things.

First up is Frillseeker's post on Clarins Autumn 2013 collection.  With a million photos of Claude.  Frenchy Claude... Frenchy Claude who literally had a room full of beauty lovers like ourselves silent (except for the odd bold snigger from us as he said something lovely that we turned into something rudie).  Check out Claude and his face.  And the makeup.

Would you check out the aul pout on my pal Emma there!  She, of Fluff and Fripperies fame is showing off some of the new Kardashian makeup range and I'm in love with her gorgeous, cartoon perfect, red lips!

This is the cutest nail art post I've seen in ages and it's by Irish blogger Megan from Blondes Love Cupcakes.   If you're looking for something girlie, cute, Cath Kidston inspired and really pretty, then check this post out and I've just scrolled through the comments and she's hopefully going to put up a tutorial for it soon which I'll totally be trying!

I haven't been too bothered with MAC lipsticks for ages now, but then Aisling from Total Make Up Addict went and showed us her MAC lipstick collection, complete with swatches.  And now I want Creme Cup, Chatterbox and See Sheer.  There's nearly €60 spent already!

Ever since reading this post on British Beauty Blogger showing some gorgeous new products from Collection, I can't stop thinking about the midnight blue eyeshadow stick.  I do need it, don't I?  And is it wrong that I'm not letting myself go to Boots or Superdrug because I know I won't be able to buy just the one?

Feel free to leave any links you think I'd like below in the comments!


  1. Why thanks for the nod Karen, glad to have enabled you to buy more lipsticks. You NEED them in your life (teehee!) xx

  2. Thanks so much for the mention Karen :) I will defo get a tutorial up for it this week and I'll pass on the link for you to try out :) xx


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