Friday, August 23, 2013

The pressure with things that I love!

When I love a product, I really love it.  I become obsessed and tell everyone within earshot of my absolute love for it.  I buy it for people as presents.  I carry it around with me so I can show it's fabulosity to anyone who will listen to moi.

Now, generally people will love what I love.  But not always.... How awful is it when someone doesn't like your favourite products?  You can only blink at them for so long, saying "But... look at it!"  In your mind you're thinking "You don't know what you talkin' about Willis" before offering it to them again to try a second time.  Your heart is half broken because you wanted them to love it so much and half annoyed that they obviously don't have good taste like yourself....

Andreea from ArtDonatella inspired this post as we were talking about perfumes this week on Twitter.  We are in fact perfume twins and love the same scents.  So when I raved about the Charm Rose Intense scent from Thomas Sabo, she was dying to try it and because I carry it around with me at all times, she got to try it one evening while we were out schmoozing like you do.  I'll fully admit that I was a tad nervous handing it over for her to try.  The pressure was immense...  Would she like it like I like it?  Would she hand it back slowly thinking "What have you sprayed on moi?" and proceed to drench herself in other scents to mask the stench?

Thankfully none of these things happened and she loved the perfume along with everyone else who's face I managed to shove the perfume in to.

Result!  Have you ever been utterly disappointed when someone doesn't love what you love?


  1. Tehe, I have to say the perfume developed really well and I love dark and somehow oriental perfumes lately as Thomas Sabo is (must come with age ;)), and you and I missus, we do have similar tastes in scents - Elie Saab - heloooo? xx

    1. They don't call us Perfume Twins for nothing! (They don't, we do ;P)

  2. Oh god I do that with more than just beauty products - I do it especially with movies I love. I feel really protective over telly or movies that I adore (which is ridiculous) but when I'm watching something I love with someone who hasn't seen it before, I get all nervous that they won't like it or they won't find the funny parts funny. I end up laughing and they're all "I don't get it, that's not funny" and I'm all "YOU'RE DEAD INSIDE", etc, etc. Then again, I've gotten fits of giggles at ads before, so maybe it's me..

    1. I'm the same! I made Joanne watch the first Harry Potter (love it) and she fell asleep.... A-bloody-sleep?! And don't even get me started on funny films, I sit there hoping they're going to break their shite laughing at the same bits as moi! It's not just you!


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