Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thomas Sabo Charm Rose Intense perfume review

Who knew Thomas Sabo did perfumes?  Not me!  Last week I was pondering my next perfume purchase and that evening, Charm Rose Intense arrived from Thomas Sabo.  It's a new addition to the Charm Club family and to my family too.

The packaging knocked my socks off.  The top of the box has roses galore with black and white stripes on the side of the lid, I was already smiling and I hadn't even opened it.

Inside you'll find the beautiful black bottle, nestled snugly in black velvet and you'll probably utter an audible "Ooooh".  I did anyway.  The bottle comes complete with a little rose charm.  Sure what else would you expect from Thomas Sabo.  The attention to detail is second to none with this fragrance lads.

On to the scent itself.  You know those scents you love so much that you just want to spray everyone you know with it because you know they'll love it as much as you do?  That.  Except I know everyone will love this and that means they'll go through it in weeks if I let it be part of The Perfume Drawer in work.

The scent starts off being ever so slightly floral and fruity, but not overly sweet.  After a few minutes, there's slight spice and warmth to the scent and that's when it gets even better.  When you think of rose in a fragrance, you might think of the traditional light spring scents that we all know.  This is nothing like that.  The rose notes in Charm Rose Intense are deep, dark, intoxicating and nothing like I've ever smelled before.  There's a gorgeous woodsy finish to the scent and combined with a touch of vanilla, patchouli and amber, it's seductive and feminine at the same time.  It makes me want to lie in the black velvet lined box which is a bit mad.  I'm on the hunt for new sheets.  Do they make black velvet sheets?

If you were to close your eyes and spray this, you'd know it should be in a black bottle.  It's the perfect autumn winter perfume and it's one of my favourite scents already and I've only had it a week.

If you're on the hunt for a new scent this autumn, then please, do yourself a favour and go to a Thomas Sabo shop and smell this when it launches at the start of September.  You won't be sorry and if you're ever given it as a present and don't like it, then feel free to send it to moi!  I'll be lounging around in my black velvet sheets covered it Charm Rose Intense.  It will be €49.50 and feel free to email this post to a loved one if they need hints picking you out a present.  You can thank me later.


  1. OMG It looks absolutely gorgeous! I never expected Thomas Sabo to come up with a fragrance, but just looking at it is making me drool.

    1. If looking at it makes you drool, wait until you smell it!


  3. Where can i get this ?

    1. I left a link in the last paragraph which is the Irish website and has a list of Irish stockists x

  4. Oh how I love a dark perfume with a kick, and this very much sounds like one! Dying to smell it now :). xx


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