Monday, September 30, 2013

Win!! One of three €50 vouchers for Penneys! #lovelygirliegiveaways

Where else can you go into a shop with €50 and come out with a whole outfit?  Penneys, that's where!  I've spent a small fortune in there in recent weeks, and I do mean small because I've bought so much with so little money.  I've been favouring things for the house and new pyjamas recently because it's a tradition now to buy new jammies when autumn hits.  But you can bet Joanne and I will be investigating their autumnal fashion once we're back from our holiday!

Now, on to the job at hand.  The generous team at Penneys have given us three €50 vouchers to give away, so what better way to kick off the blogoversary celebrations!

Because the gift cards are in euro, this giveaway is just for those in the Republic of Ireland, but don't worry, we've more giveaways to come that are open internationally!  Make sure to read the terms and conditions like a good child.  So go ahead and enter your details in the Rafflecopter widget below and good luck!

While you're at it, why not check out our post here where we're looking for people to join a panel to trial out a new hand cream from La Roche-Posay!  All those who enter are in with a chance to win one of three hampers worth €100!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

We're 3!

Earlier today I spoke about all of the peaks of this week, but wanted to give the final one it's own post.  This week, we turned three years old, so we're officially past the terrible twos!  I can't believe Lovely Girlie Bits has been around for that long and I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us!

When I started blogging, there's no way in the world I thought I'd ever get to do the things I've done, or go to the places I've been and without fail, every time I get an invite to something, I give a little squeak!  And that's all down to you, the readers.  If you didn't visit the blog every day to see what we're waffling on about, or didn't leave a lovely comment for us, we wouldn't be where we are today.   It's so important to moi to have an interactive place in our little corner of the internet and you're all star bars.

So we just wanted to say

To thank you for your continued support over the last year, we've got some fantastic giveaways coming up over the coming weeks on the blog!  We've got some amazing brands on board this year and can't wait to give stuff away!  So to coincide with being away on holidays next week, we've got one every day and they're good.... Really good....

So stay tuned for giveaway one tomorrow morning! #lovelygirliegiveaways

Pit and peak of the week - week 37!

Ah lads, I can't really say anything too bad happened this week to be honest!  Other than being really busy at work trying to get everything done before heading away.  Most days I drove home from work boggle eyed and as the week went on, I became more exhausted!

Which brings me on to the first peak of the week!  As you're reading this, we're in sunny Spain.  We're over here with the mothership, taking a much needed break.  We'll be doing on location photoshoots, videos and a bit of vlogging if we can get mam's camera working properly, but most of all, we'll be chilling out.

The second peak of the week was finally posting our video and blog post all about hands and hand cream, more specifically CICAPLAST HANDS!  We're working with La Roche-Posay to recruit people to take part in a trial, all very scientific don't you know!  So if you haven't already, watch our video and read the post to see what it's all about!

The third peak of the week was being able to learn about a new brand (new to me, it's been around for years, I'm just very late to the game) This Works.  You know that moment where you smell a new product and just have to take a moment to savour it, well that happened to me during the week when I met the founder Kathy Philips.  How I managed to peel myself off the chair and head back into work is beyond me.  Stay tuned for more information on This Works soon.  I also went to see what Lush has in store for us this Christmas!  Oh lads, you're in for a treat!  They've outdone themselves this year and my house now smells gorgeous!


Friday, September 27, 2013

Get rid of your crispy hands with our Cicaplast Hands trial & La Roche-Posay!

Do you have crispy hands?  Or hands that are not unlike a well known breakfast cereal known to help keep you regular?  Ahem...  Important questions I'm sure you'll agree.   What about hand creams?  Do you have to stand with your hands in the air waiting for it to sink in, making you look like you're a surgeon that's just scrubbed up, when in actual fact you just want to be able to use your phone because you have some serious goss to share with your pal and you know she is going to wet herself when she hears it?

Yesterday we posted a video on YouTube where we chatted about the things we don't like about hand cream and rough hands.  Yes, we used a brekkie cereal to get our point across and yes, we blatantly used Bailey the wonder cockapoo as a prop, because everyone loves Bailey, but more importantly, we made fools of ourselves.  But for good reason!  You might know that I'm prone to a little scientific experiment from time to time and I've become my own guinea pig over the past three years on the blog.  Now I want to get you all involved!  But let me tempt you with a bit of an incentive... Imagine I'm dangling a La Roche-Posay hamper style carrot in front of your schnozz.

The incentive.
All of those who take part in the trial below and complete all of the steps will be entered into a draw to win one of three hampers from La Roche-Posay worth €100 each!  I know.   So you'd be mad not to give it a go.  Sure you'll get to try a new product out, hopefully help your hands get better and just think, when you go to a chemist and see those statistics, you'll know that you were a part of that!  The possibility of winning a hamper is just icing on the cake!

The Details
We've joined forces with La Roche-Posay and are looking for people to join a panel who will be trialling products over the coming months.  First up is the CICAPLAST HANDS Repairing Barrier Cream.  You'll know at this point, the weird and unnatural love I have for CICAPLAST Baume B5 and recently fell in love with the CICAPLAST lip balm which is for those with really dry lips.  Well, CICAPLAST HANDS is aimed at those with really dry hands.  We're generally talking about people who work in jobs where hand hygiene is really important.  We're talking nurses who have to wash their hands a lot during the day and use alcohol gel; hairdressers who's hands are in water a lot washing our noggins, farmers who do farmy things like ploughing and stuff so I'm told,  chefs and waiters who need to keep their pingies clean while they're around our dinner, cleaners who's hands are in strong cleaning solutions for a good portion of the day.  Or what about those people who are always in the gym?  Yes, they make me want to get sick in my face, pumping the iron and being all healthy with their brightly coloured brand new runners.  Not only are they getting fit and buff, but lots of them get calluses on their hands from lifting weight which really does reinforce my belief that no good can come from lifting weights or doing any kind of gym things!

The Science bits.
CICAPLAST HANDS is a lightweight, non oily, non greasy hand cream with a difference.  CICAPLAST HANDS has 30% Glycerine which creates a physical barrier, giving your hands a chance to repair themselves from external aggressors.  It also contains 4% Niacinamide which creates a biological barrier and will stop inflammation and cracks, and will also help your hands improve their own barrier function.  So essentially, it's a hand cream that actually does something rather than just sitting on your hands smelling nice.  Oh and it's fragrance free, so boys have no excuse not to use it!

Sorry, but it's about time a hand cream was released that actually does something for your hands!  Also, not quite sciencey, but one of Lovely Mammy Bits' hobbies in life is to try out all of the hand creams.  She's got dry hands herself.  Not quite Weetabix-y, but close and can never get them to stop cracking and ends up picking at any dry skin she feels.  She knows what types of hand creams she likes and isn't afraid to tell me how she feels about them.  So far, CICAPLAST HANDS is a keeper, but I'll report back in a couple of weeks as I'm going to make her try it properly too.

The Housekeeping.
If you're interested in being part of the trial, or if you want to nominate someone who has mucho dryo hands, then send us an email at with:
1. Name (If you're nominating someone, then send their name)
2. Full Postal Address - you must be a resident of the Republic of Ireland
3. Email address (If you're nominating someone, send moi their email address)
4. Occupation
5. Does your occupation affect the condition of your hands?  Yes or No.
6. Please tell us in your own words the current condition of your hands, the activities you do daily that affect the conditions of your hands and why you'd like to be part of this trial.  (Feel free to mention the texture, any dry areas, flaking, hard skin tears etc plus the type of activities that might aggravate or irritate your hands further).

I'll go through the entries and choose the lucky candidates who will be part of the trial.  You won't need to wear lab coats or protective eyewear.  Unless you want to...  Just use the hand cream for two weeks!  I'll email you to let you know you've been chosen and will pass your details on to the team at La Roche Posay who will send you out a tube of CICAPLAST HANDS to test out.  You'll also receive a questionnaire asking about your first impressions of CICAPLAST HANDS.  After two weeks, we'll follow up with you and see how you got on.  We'll have a little questionnaire for you to fill out, all very scientific don't you know and if you'd like to send any before and after photos of your hands, that'd be sweet!  You and your hands could be famous!

Now, ladies are usually more likely to email in for this kind of thing because let's be honest, we're brilliant and proactive!  If your gentleman friend has hands that would exfoliate you quicker than any scrubby glove, feel free to email me and nominate him.  I will tell him he's great and you can then cajole/bully him into using it with the fact that be doing so, he could win you one of the hampers.  Hampers = happy lady.  We like happy ladies.

What are you waiting for?!

Midnight blue eyes with Smashbox and Collection!

I'm a little bit obsessed with midnight blue eye makeup.  It's one of my favourite looks to rock over the winter months as it makes my green eyes stand out and is a grand change from a black smokey eye.  I've got some new midnight blue products to show you and yes, I'm secretly delighted the evenings are getting darker because it means I can pile the makeup on and know that my dark eyes look even better in soft lighting!

I think shades like this are a great way of incorporating a bit more colour into your look, especially if you're a bit scared of colourdy eye make up.  Imagine rocking a neutral eye and then lining under your lower lashes with one of these beauts.  Do it and watch the colour of your eyes stand out even more.  Then come back here and leave me a comment saying "Karen, oh wise one, how come I've been scared of colour all these years and all I had to do was read your midnight blue post to know that I can do it.  I am a strong, confident woman."  Yes, I'm quoting Friends there.  10 points if you know where that's from.

It broke my heart a little bit to mess up this midnight blue pot of perfection, but it had to be done and better on my eyes than in the pot eh?  Smashbox's Limitless Cream Shadow in Sapphire (€19.00) is positively majestic in the pot isn't it?  You can apply it as a wash of colour all over the lid, which does sheer it out a bit, but if you apply a second layer with your finger and pat the colour on, you get a more intense finish.  Or you can apply a powder eyeshadow over it to set it and add more drama to your look.  It's a product I like to use as a liner too, making it multifunctional, thus increasing the necessity for it.  I don't make the rules.

Next up is the cheapest of the trio here and it's Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Denim Diva.  At €5.09, it was so hard to be restrained and just pick up the one shade on a recent trip to Boots.  Denim Diva is pigmented and oh so creamy, so you don't have to worry about dragging the skin on your eyelid.  There are six shades in the Work The Colour range and they're all waterproof which makes me wish they were released earlier in the summer, so I could have bought more and not worried about my makeup sliding off my face in the heatwave we had!  Yeah, the more I look at that swatch, the more I realise that I'll have to get more of them...

Finally we have Smashbox's Waterproof Shadow Liner in Metallic Blue (€19.00).  When I swatch this on it's own, it looks midnight blue, but against the other two products I've mentioned already, it leans slightly more purple.  It has the teeniest amount of shimmer running through it which I'm obsessed with and I think it makes it look like a galaxy, far far away.  I'm a huge fan of these shadow liners and they really do stay put once they set, so blend fast my dears, or else you'll have to start from scratch and ain't nobody got time for that.

So tell moi, are you a fan of midnight blue eyes?  What do I need to try next and add to my little blue family?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

WaterWipes made me eat my words & a wee giveaway!

I've been going on and on about ditching the makeup wipes for ages now and when I was contacted by Irish company Irish Breeze to see if I wanted to try their WaterWipes out, I raised an eyebrow and pursed my lips, like you do.  They'd done their research and had read my posts on ditching the wipes, which I was delighted at, and wanted me to give some a go and put them to the test like a true cynical blogger.

Steeped in a solution of 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit extract and dead sea minerals to moisturise, they're touted as "The world's purest facial wipe".  They're fragrance free, alcohol free and contain no irritants and it was at this point where I started thinking "are they made of air"?!

One side of the wipe is smooth and the other is textured, so you can have a bit of a scrub.  Now, it doesn't remove my mascara fully and it does require a certain amount of rubbing to remove eyeliner, and the same goes for lipsticks that aren't too creamy.  But for the rest of my face, they do a great job of  cleaning my skin and removing makeup and the most important thing is that they don't dry my skin out!  In all my years, I've never found a wipe that didn't leave my skin feeling tight afterwards, but hand on heart, my skin feels completely normal after using them.  Yes, I do need my regular eye makeup remover to get rid of any mascara, but all in all, these are great.

Now, I'm not advocating you ditch a proper skincare routine in favour of these, but for nights where you're wrecked but don't want to sleep in your makeup, or if you want to carry something lightweight in your bag to help freshen up your skin, then these are the way to go.  I'll be bringing a packet with me to Spain and will be keeping them in the fridge as it's 30 degrees over there!

If you want to learn more about WaterWipes, then head to their website here.

We've got four packets of WaterWipes to give away to a lucky follower, so if you want to be in with  chance to win them, then send your name and address to with WaterWipes in the subject.  We'll pick a winner when we're back from our holiday!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Dusky Pink Lip featuring Collection, Rimmel and Shiseido!

Oh dusky pink lip how I love you.  You make me look put together even if I've had to physically roll myself out of bed after tossing and turning all night.  Yes, I am a bit scared of colour on the lipulars, but any dusky shade fills me with confidence and a little bit of sophistication.  A little bit.  This is me we're talking about.

I've three shades to show you that I've been loving lately and they're the perfect transition from bright summery lips as autumn approaches.  I know once October hits, I'll be into my berry shades, but for now, these are what I've been McLovin recently.

For me, a true dusky pink lip is muted, has a cool undertone to it and softens whatever makeup you've paired with it.  It's ladylike, subtle and one you don't need to worry about it being too garish.  I've three to show you depending on your budget, so let's get to it shall we?

I know I'm late to the game with the Collection Cream Puff lip products (€4.49) but as someone with uber dry lips, I try to steer clear of matte lipsticks and glosses.  However, with the arrival of my Cicaplast lip balm, my lips are in great shape so I can now confidently wear matte products without looking like I'm severely dehydrated.  Cotton Candy is a soft, velvety matte lip cream that smells gorgeous and glides on to the lips easily.  Being matte, it will highlight any dry bits, but if you use your Cicaplast, you won't have that problem.  

Ah Rimmel and your Apocalips (€7.95).  This is easily one of the best new products of 2013 and out of my collection of four (I really do want Big Bang next), Celestial is the true dusky pink.  Pigmented, glossy, smells amazing, stays put for ages.  All things you've most likely already heard in the millions of reviews out there.  But all of these things are true and if you haven't tried them yet, you should.

I recently blogged about my new favourite lipstick, Titian from Shiseido (€25.00) and so I won't bore you with the same thing again.  But essentially, it's amazing.  Moisturising, pigmented, glossy and an absolute joy to wear.

Left-Right: Collection Cream Puff - Cotton Candy, Rimmel Apocalips - Celestial, Shiseido Perfect Rouge - Titian
And for the obligatory lip swatches:

Collection Cream Puff - Cotton Candy
Rimmel Apocalips - Celestial
Shiseido Perfect Rouge - Titian
So tell moi, are you a fan of the dusky pink lip?  What's your favourite one to wear?  Enable me because Lord knows I need another dusky product in my stash!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa review

I actually should have titled this post "Where have you been all my life you little flower of a product you" but that wouldn't have been good for my SEO ranking.  I'm here today to talk to you about a little pot of blue cream called Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa.

I'm all about masks and sleeping at the moment, so a product like this that works on my visage while I sleep is a multifunctional product I can work with.  This is the first ever dual nightly moisturiser and sleeping mask on the market, so you can apply a thin layer every night before bed, or lash on a thicker layer as a mask, letting it soak in before you nod off.

The blue gel cream hybrid contains the famous Vichy Thermal Spa Water along with Hyaluronic Acid and Aquabioryl which helps hydrate and plump the skin beautifully, giving instant moisture when you first apply it and also throughout the night.

This stuff is amazing and I actually look forward to using it!  I've mainly been using it as a mask as my skin isn't too bad off at the moment and each night I use it, my skin is instantly baby bottom soft and when I wake up the following morning, my skin feels plumped, hydrated and nourished.  I think when the weather gets colder and my face gets drier, I'll be using this as my night time moisturiser, but for now, I'm enjoying my little spa treatment twice a week!

This is available in pharmacies nationwide and will set you back €27.  Well worth it and I'll be purchasing it myself when I run out.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Sleek Vintage Romance palette review, photos, swatches

I haven't been too pushed with the last few palette releases from Sleek and considering I've collected a good few over the past couple of years, I wondered if one would come along and wow me again.  Well, wow.  Wow wow wow.  The Vintage Romance palette captured my little heart purely from the official photos.  I didn't even need to swatch it before knowing I was going to need it in my life and on my eyes. And when Cloud10Beauty sent it to me, my weekend was made!

Inside Vintage Romance we have a mix of bronze, purples and berry shades, accompanied by a matte brown shade and a wonderful black shade that's packed full of glitter.

As autumn is here, I've been so excited about using darker, richer shadows on my eyes and just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the berry shades below.

The matte shade on the top right corner reminds me of Saddle by Mac and is perfect for blending in the crease when doing a smokey eye.

You want swatches though right?  As always, Sleek's eyeshadows are creamy, buttery and easily blendable.  There can be fall out with soft shadows though, so take a bit of care with applying and pat the shadows on first.  From the top row, the only shade that disappointed me was the purple shade, second from the right.  I wanted it to be amazing, but just wasn't as pigmented as the rest of them, but I bet it'll fare better over a black base.  For me, the top row is perfect for day time wear and makes for a great neutral eye.

The bottom row of shadows just blew me away, but again, with the exception of the purple shade.  The rest of them are absolutely beautiful and I needed no effort whatsoever to get swatches like these.  The shades make me want to get dressed up, do a wonderful berry smokey eye and have a nice glass of Malbec.  Any excuse eh?

The Vintage Romance palette is available on Cloud10Beauty now and at €9.99, you'd be mad not to get one, mad!  Stay tuned for posts (or maybe a video) with this stunner (the palette, not moi) in action.

Do we like or is that a silly question?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pit and peak of the week - week 36!

It's that time of the week again, where I channel the Kardashians and talk about the little things that made me happy and sad during the week.  I love doing these posts because they make me sit and think back over the past seven days and appreciate the little things in life!

Pit of the week first as usual.  Ok, so I've been really busy lately, more so than usual.  It's times like these that I feel bad for little Bailey the brat and then realise that he's my main priority and end up pulling back on events and launches because I don't have anyone to take over and mind him all the time.  So on Monday I'd an hour at home after work before having to head out again and so I pottered about and got ready, headed out and a couple of hours later, came home, had my dinner and blogged a bit.  Happy days.  I went to bed exhausted and the next morning got up and went to feed Bailey.  But I noticed that his food from the night before was still there.... I'd forgotten to feed the little puddin' the night before ..... In the 12 years I've had him, I've never forgotten to feed him and to make it worse, on that previous night, he wasn't even pining or begging for food.  He was happy out that I was home and was tearing the legs off his latest toy.  I felt awful and then gave him lots of attention and snuggles for the rest of the week.  Poor Bailey.

Why you forget me mam?....
The peak of the week will come as no surprise in that this week finally saw the Great Irish Bake Off coming to our TV screens!  Joanne's soon to be hubby, Will is a contestant on it and we're all very proud of him!  They had a viewing party over at theirs on Thursday where there was cake and treats as far as the eye could see.  His parents came up from Limerick and they'd friends and family come watch the first episode with them!  If you missed the episode, shame on you!  But you can catch up on it here and make sure to check out Will's blog here where he'll be posting lots of new recipies over the coming months.  And finally, be sure to subscribe to his brand new YouTube channel where he'll be showing us how to make lots of lovely treats!

I'm totally allowed to have a second peak of the week because I'm the boss and nearly cacked my pants on Friday because of this.  As well as being a mad fan of the Great Irish Bake Off, I'm loving the Great British Bake Off too and that's what I'm watching every Tuesday night and you should be too.  Anyway, I have developed a rather large soft spot in my heart for Howard.  Howard who's buns were squashed by Mel during the chats and Howard who's custard was stolen during the trifle challenge... Ah I love him and was over the absolute moon when he tweeted me the other day!  Well people, he followed me on Twitter..... Life made!  Make sure you watch him this Tuesday and you'll fall in love with him too!

So all in all, a great week!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Snuggly snoods we love

Seriously, the word snood is mad.  It looks weird written down and as I've spent the last while searching for ones I want to put on my neck, the word has lost all meaning.  Snood.  See, doesn't it look weird now?

As you well know by now, Joanne and I are borderline obsessive when it comes to scarves and snoods.  Actually, let's take the word borderline out of of the equation.  We are mentalists when it comes to keeping our necks warm and yes, we may have worn a scarf or two over the summer months, but you can bet we're going to be wearing one every day between now and May next year.  So over the coming months, we'll be showing you our favourite ones.  The ones that we're coveting, and will make being colder a bit more bearable!

Snoods are great for lots of reasons and the more reasons you can come up with, the easier the justification for having more that one.

1.  It is a scarf and will keep your neck warm.
2.  It is a hood and will protect your hair in the case of wind and/or rain.
3.  It makes for a mighty fine mobile phone holder if you tuck it into the snood and put your phone on speaker.

Snuggly snoods

Top row L-R: Topshop €21, Dorothy Perkins €13, Dunnes €12, Asos €31.23, Penneys €9
Middle row L-R: Fatface £25 GBP, Accessorize €18.90
Bottom row L-R: River Island €21, Accessorize €26.50, H! by Henry Holland Debenhams £28, Asos €6.32, River Island €21

See anything you fancy?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Searching for Lovely Girlie Bits

I know that by calling a blog "Lovely Girlie Bits", I'm opening myself up for a lot of rude and weird searches!  When I first started the blog, I didn't know if it was just going to be about makeup, or if I'd incorporate other girlie bits into it, hence the name.

Most of the searches on the blog is for the name itself, or a review of a certain product, but today I saw this as search keywords "Beautiful Ireland ass nude porn".  Right so.  My first reaction was hmm, that's weird.  Then I thought, hold on, they searched for that and clicked a link for the keywords to show up in my analytics.  So now I'm curious, did they find what they were looking for?!

What's the weirdest set of keywords that someone has found your blog with?!

The Body Shop Honeymania Collection!

I know a lot of people aren't pushed on honey scented things, but wait, read on!  Yes, The Body Shop's latest collection is called Honeymania but I want you to cast all notions aside that you'll be smearing honey all over yourself when you use this.  I'll bee *fnar fnar* honest and tell you that I didn't think I was going to like the range too much as I'm not a massive honey fan, but I'm obsessed with it.  Seriously.  I'm even braving the evening chill when using the body butter, but more about that later. 

Rather than being heavily honey scented, the Honeymania range has more of a floral scent and is only very delicately scented of the bee juice that we like to put on our toast in the mornings.  Made with Community Fair Trade honey from the nectar of wildflowers from Ethiopa, each product I've tried is really moisturising and nourishes my skin.

The Honeymania Body Scrub €18.95 is something new for me as it's not only scrubby, but also feels really thick and moisturising.  Personally, I prefer a more grainy scrub, but if you find them too abrasive, then something gentle like this one will be perfect for you.

The Honeymania Body Butter €18.95 is a beaut.  Like all of the body butters I've tried before, it's thick, luxurious and smells amazing.  Yes, I have been known to apply it and then sit watching tv while smelling my arm intermittently and yes, I'm persevering through the chillier evenings and letting this sink in properly, knowing that I'm going to have soft skin in no time.

I'm in the ultimate love with the Honeymania lip balm €7.50.  So much so, I'm going through it at an almighty speed and will most definitely be purchasing it myself when I'm finished.  It feels like a lip treatment when applied and rather than just sitting on the lips looking pretty, it actually pumps moisture into my lips and leaves them feeling soft and nourished.  A big winner.

Finally we have the Honeymania Shower Gel €8.95 which does what it says on the tin.  It lathers quickly, leaves my skin lightly scented with the gorgeous honey blossom and doesn't dry my skin out. 

All of the products work seamlessy together and if you're one for layering products, then you won't go wrong here.  There's a bath melt, a soap and an eau de toilette that completes the gorgeous collection that really has surprised me in terms of the love I have for it.

Not to say the C-word, but if you were starting to do a bit of present shopping for a certain holiday in three months, this would be a stellar choice for a lucky lady or yourself.  Get yourself into The Body Shop stat and give this a whiff!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy - Shade 100 Androgino, Shade 305 Brick, review, photos, swatches

Nothing makes me happier than a lipstick launch.  And when we're talking a huge 36 new shades, it was good I was sitting down when I saw them all.  It was like an Armani army and I was the captain general, except I was the one saying "Sir, yes sir" after feasting my eyes on them.

So they're calling them the first CC lipstick, and before you start groaning at the mere mention of CC, it stands for care and colour, nothing more scientific or gimmicky than that.  But before we go into that, can we just take a minute and look at the packaging...  It's red... And shiny.... And has a magnetic closing doo-daa which if you're impressed by, means you're a full blown makeup junkie and I embrace you with open arms.

So back to the CC part of things.  The formula has a Melting Cream Complex of creams and shea butter which help moisturise and nourish the lips and helps lock moisture into the lips.  There are promises of lips being revived, healthier and smoother after four weeks of use, but a) I've only had these for a week so can't really comment on that and b) I don't know if I could commit to four weeks of just the one or two lip colours!  So that's the "Care" part sorted.

In terms of "Colour", the formula has Kaleidoscope Pearls which diffuse light and give lots of dimension to the lips.  I tried a bunch of them on the back of my hand last week and was impressed with the pigmentation, how light it felt and with the finish of it.  You'll see in the photos below what I mean.

I got two to play with and they're two colours I'd naturally gravitate towards which was a bonus.  Look at them... Things of beauty....

Shade 305 Brick is a gorgeous coral shade that has my name all over it.  If my name was Giorgio Armani.  And shade 100 Androgino is a soft nude shade that would work beautifully with a smokey eye.  Both feel so light on my lips, almost like I'm not wearing anything on them, so is perfect for everyday wear.  In terms of texture, they're not dry and they're not really slippy.  So kind of a Goldilocks level of dryness.

They've joined the ever increasing number of lipsticks in my handbag and come on, tell me you wouldn't be filled with joy taking this little red number out of your bag and applying it?

The Rouge Ecstasy collection will be available exclusively at Brown Thomas Dublin and Cork from the end of September and will be €28.  Is it wrong I want to pick up some more?  No, didn't think so.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

L'Oreal Skin Perfection review

More and more, brands are producing better skincare for those of us on a budget.  Enter the L'Oreal Skin Perfection range, aimed at busy twenty and thirty somethings who want to invest in great quality skincare, while keeping a few bob to spend in other areas of life.  Like handbags.  And food.

The quest for perfect skin is one I'm always on, but of course, unless I'm going to keep stress at bay, get lots of sleep and have a balanced lifestyle, I need a bit of help.  Or a lot of help in this case. 

For the girlie girls out there, the Skin Perfection packaging is really cute and makes me want to have it on display.

Getting into the nitty gritty of the range, the Skin Perfection range was created to visibly improve skin quality "acting on a pixel level on pores, skin texture and skin tone".  We are in the age of The Selfie and without having to resort to some sort of filter to blur the living jaysis out of our skin so we look perfect, Skin Perfect promises to help improve the look of our skin.  It contains the LR 2412 molecule that's in Lancome's Visionnaire, but at half the strength.  So you're still getting the good stuff, just a bit watered down which is reflected in the watered down price.

I'm all about serums these days as they're generally really concentrated with great ingredients and they last ages.  The Advanced Correcting Serum (€29.99) feels lightweight on my skin and with it's slight pearly sheen, gives my face a lovely subtle glow.  It has Perline-P which helps with pores and skin texture so combined with the LR 2412, it promises to pack a punch on our tired skin.  I've been using this for a few weeks now and have seen an improvement in my skin's texture.

The Correcting Day Moisturiser (€22.99) is one of the nicest "drug store" moisturisers I've tried in ages and is one I've found myself reaching for over my more expensive ones.  It's a light pink colour, has a subtle fragrance to it and every time I use it, my skin feels so much more smoother and evened out and it makes a great base for my makeup.

The Awakening and Correcting Eye Cream (€19.99) promises to hide dark circles and smooth fine lines.  It comes in a universal shade and has a slight bit of a sheen to it like the serum.  It doesn't conceal my dark circles too much, but does brighten up the under eye area nicely and sinks into the skin quickly.

The Magic Touch Instant Blur (€22.99) blurs the appearance of pores and any imperfections on the skin, leaving your skin completely evened out and ready for foundation.  I generally use this on my nose, cheeks and forehead and it makes a great base for my makeup.

Finally, a new skin care range wouldn't be complete without a BB cream!  There are two shades, light and medium and at €19.99, won't break the bank.  They've put in a very respectable SPF 25 into it and in terms of coverage, I'd say this was on the light tinted moisturiser end of the spectrum.  It's the lightest BB cream I've tried coverage-wise and personally, I like something slightly heavier.  But that being said, if you use the rest of the products in the range for a few months, you mightn't need anything heavier as you should have perfect skin by then!

All in all, this is a great collection of products for those who want to invest in an affordable but effective skincare routine.  I've seen them on offer in Boots recently, so keep your eyes peeled and you should be able to get a bit of a bargain.

Have you tried the Skin Perfection range yet?  What are you loving from it?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Amazing Space NK Gift with purchase at Harvey Nichols

One of the first things you learn in fight club, I mean beauty blogging, is how to justify a purchase, let it be big or small.  I have it down to a fine art and can rattle off any number of excuses as to why I need to buy a fifth red nail polish.

So when I tell you that this Wednesday and Thursday in Harvey Nichols, when you spend €175 in Space NK, don't have a nervous breakdown, because here's the justification: you will receive this goodie bag worth €300.

I know...  Amazing gift bag eh?  And let me do a little more justification in case the look of the products above aren't enough.  If you're someone who gets their skincare and makeup in Space NK anyway, why not stock up because you'd be buying it anyway and this way you get the gift bag.

Convinced?  If you are, then ring 01-2910421 to book your appointment for the 18th and 19th of September to make sure they keep you a gift bag.  It costs €15 to book a ticket but that's fully redeemable against any purchase at the event, so what are you waiting for?

Ps, there'll be bubbles there.  The End.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick - Shade 306 Titian, photos, swatches, review

Ok people, this is one of the hardest blog posts to write because all I'm able to come up with at this moment in time is this "OhMyGodILoveThisLipstickSoMuchItMightBeMyFavouriteOneEverInLife".  The lipstick in question is this beauty.  Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick in the shade 306 Titian.

I've already shown you the stunner that is Showgirl and after falling in love with that bright red shade, I knew it wouldn't be too long before I picked up another one myself.  So whilst in town on Saturday, I found myself at the Shiseido counter in Arnotts, funny that, and started swatching the ten new shades that launched on counters at the start of the month.  This was love at first swatch and despite swatching the rest of them, I knew in my heart I'd be going home with Titian.  Look at it.

You can tell from the shine off the bullet itself that it's going to be be creamy and moisturising and the shape of the top of the bullet lets it sit on your lips perfectly.  Titian is a dusty rose pink that's perfect for everyday wear and suits my skin tone perfectly.  Like Showgirl, the pigmentation on this is second to none and I'm a massive fan of the glossy finish it leaves.  The creamy formulation means that it lasts a couple of hours before needing to be reapplied, but it doesn't dry out my lips which is a bonus considering it's autumn and my lips have a tendency to dry out a lot.

Now I want more of these.  €25 is the damage but it's money I'd happily handover considering the quality of the product and I'm telling you, when you try these lipsticks, you're going to love them.

Favourite lipstick range of the year so far.  The End.

Do we like the look of Titian?
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