Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pit and peak of the week - week 33!

And so this weekend heralds the end of August and we say hi to September and lots of autumnal goodness!  I feel like August was a busy aul month and I'm looking forward to September and all the craziness that will ensue!

The peak of my week.  I decided this week to take it easy on the blog as a treat to myself.  I try to post twice a day Monday-Thursday, once on Friday and once/twice on Sunday.  That's either 10 or 11 posts a week and while I'm rarely short on inspiration, trying to find the time for it all can be hard.  I work full time and with events and launches in the evenings, filming YouTube videos, doing up the house a bit and having a bit of a life, sometimes I need a little rest.  I feel the better of it but now have a backlog of posts I want to write!

The pit of my week.  Two things this week.  It's spider season people.  I must have been lucky over the past few years and not seen them in the house as autumn started but they're making up for lost time this year.  I'm highly exaggerating and have only seen two, but these two were big hairy mollies who were actually able to stop and wave hi to me with their legs.  Because of this, I am most likely going to give myself a stroke every time I walk into a room at night and turn the light on.  I've now developed a habit of darting my eyes to all four corners of the room and scan the whole place before walking in and my poor eyeballs are exhausted from it all.

The second thing was Bailey's run in with a cat out the back the other day.  I let him out for a widdle when I got home and the cat was obviously sunbathing outside, but didn't skedaddle up on to the fence like he usually does when Bailey goes out and interrupts his me time.  There were nails and claws flying everywhere and I ran out screaming at Bailey like a lunatic.  You know that episode of Will and Grace where Jack screams in a reeeeeally high pitched voice?  That.  I had visions of the cat scraping Baileys eyes out and Bailey taking a chunk out of him, but I managed to break up the scrap and the cat toddled off like nowt had happened.  Bailey had a couple of scrapes either side of his nose that I had to clean up, but thankfully he was grand.  He was hyper and panting, looking at me as if to say "Did I get him mam?  Did I eat him?"  I wasn't the better of that and the little munchkin stayed glued to me for the evening.  Not able!

How was your week folks?


  1. Sounds like Bailey and the cat had a close call Karen, good thing you were there to save the day! :-)

  2. I swear, the waving legs part made me shudder!! Haha! I hate spiders too!


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