Thursday, September 19, 2013

Searching for Lovely Girlie Bits

I know that by calling a blog "Lovely Girlie Bits", I'm opening myself up for a lot of rude and weird searches!  When I first started the blog, I didn't know if it was just going to be about makeup, or if I'd incorporate other girlie bits into it, hence the name.

Most of the searches on the blog is for the name itself, or a review of a certain product, but today I saw this as search keywords "Beautiful Ireland ass nude porn".  Right so.  My first reaction was hmm, that's weird.  Then I thought, hold on, they searched for that and clicked a link for the keywords to show up in my analytics.  So now I'm curious, did they find what they were looking for?!

What's the weirdest set of keywords that someone has found your blog with?!


  1. Haha that's so funny! My blog is still in it's baby stages so nothing too weird yet thank god!! xxx

  2. I've only had one so far... "sarah kay nudist"... God knows what they were expecting to find!

  3. Oh God, I've had some brilliant ones. I wish I'd written them down, because they're hard to find now. Just from hopping on now...

    "amanda seyfried camel" (no idea)
    "a graffe licking a girl in the tung" (fair enough)
    "baby elephant proposition"

    I get quite a lot of ass ones. I probably use the word far too much.

    I also referred to Miami as the urethra of America, and got some searches so appalingly horrific that I regretted it quite quickly...

  4. Oh there's so many, today I have one that just says 'naked wagon girl' as you do...


  5. Haha hilarious! I had someone find mine last week with 'Squidgy Ass'...they stayed onsite for like 3 minutes looking at what I don't know haha!

  6. Oh that's funny! I think for me is was something about nude tanned beauties which took them to a sunscreen post. Not too crazy but it did make me smile. :)

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  8. I had someone recently who found the blog using the searchwords "Buffy and Angel porn"..right so.

  9. I remember ages ago someone found my blog "What does the room smell like when god is there?"


  10. Contortionist looking up her own ass
    Nude Girl Green Eyes
    XXX Movies Free
    Angelina Jolie ass behind hard naked and sexy
    Ladies in sexy wellies

    Considering the amount of X-rated sites on t'internet, how many pages of google results would you have to go through to get to my blog using ANY of those search terms. SRSLY.

  11. A few months back I had "reusable condom" .... I sometimes worry about society.

  12. My blog isnt too well known so nothing weird yet thankfully!

  13. I've gotten some weird ones, the most innocent seeming one was ''pregnant wishes. com'' I though it would be a nice site about all cute pregnancy related things os I looked it up. How wrong was I , it was far from innocent. My poor eyes!!


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