Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Irish Beauty YouTubers!

Joanne and I are still new to the YouTube business and so far, we're loving it!  Recently I decided to slightly cut down on the blog posts for a couple of months to give myself more time for videos and so far so good!  I've lots of ideas for videos over the coming weeks and am hoping to upload two a week, depending on time.  I tell ya, it was scary putting ourselves online like that, because you're opening yourself up to so many more people and there are lots more keyboard warriors who go wild on Youtubers over bloggers!  But the support from everyone has been amazing.  That being said, my stomach still lurches for a split second every time I get an email notifiying me of a new comment!

Up until recently, there weren't that many Irish beauty YouTubers out there that I watched on a regular basis.  But now lads, some of my bloggy friends have turned their hands to filming and I'm blahddy delighted!  It's hard starting off in a new thing, but so rewarding when you reach little milestones.  So to help spread the word, here are a list of some brilliant ladies who are blogging veterans and Youtube newbies like ourselves!  Make sure you check them out and subscribe because if their blogs are anything to go by, we're in for a videographical treat!

In case you haven't subscribed to us already, then get your behind over to our channel now and get following us!  We've lots of (hopefully) great videos planned over the coming weeks and yes Bailey will make an appearance or two!

Actionmags - One half of Emerald Eyeliner, Mags is an absolute natural and of course, her first video had to be on Stila.  She's Ireland's official Stila Girl and so it was only natural that she pop her YouTube Cherry with a look at their autumn collection!

DollyRouge - Kat from DollyRouge uploaded a video on products she didn't realise she loved and made me sing "You don't know what you got 'till it's gone" for days at a time.  Rach is busy being a mammy to the dinky little Harry, but I bet it's only a matter of time before we see her gracing our screens!

Emma - Emma of Fluff and Fripperies (it's a well known phrase don't you know) stuck her tootsies into the land of the Tubes with her October favourites this week!  She has a killer pout and now made me want to buy all the things.

Now, there are many established Irish Beauty YouTubers out there on the interwebs, and I'm sure you're probably already subscribed to them, but on the off chance you're not, smack yourself on the back of the wrist and get busy subscribing to these ladies!

The Big Guns!
Makeup Over Mind
Fitz N Bitz
Leanne Woodfull

If you're an Irish Beauty YouTuber, please leave your channel name or link in the comments below as I'm always on the lookout for Irish talent to follow!

Win! A Sally Hansen hamper worth €75!

Ah Sally Hansen, where would we be without their airbrush leg spray?  And with the launch of the Airbrush Leg Lotion this year, those of us who were airbrushing the entire room as we aimed for lovely legs rejoiced!  Now that we're fast approaching winter and the festive season, we need to get our legs ready for the parties and the cold.  Let's be honest, t'will be the season to be rocking some gorgeous dresses and more often than not, we'll be going bare legged on those chilly nights.  So they need to look good.

And don't get me started on having your nails prepped and ready for all things red and glittery.  My nails are rarely bare through the month of December and constantly applying and removing polish doesn't leave them in the best of shape, so I generally have an army of products to help me.

So to help get you started for party central, we're teamed up with Sally Hansen and have a hamper full of goodies for your pleasure.  I know, we're preparing early!

We've got products to help your nails and legs look their best:
  • Healthy Cuticles Now
  • Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen
  • Airbrush Lotion Medium
  • Kook A Mango Complete Salon Manicure
  • Insta Dri
  • Complete Care
  • Cuticle Eraser & Balm

So go forth and enter the giveaway!  Good luck!  This giveaway is open to residents of Ireland, muchly sorry to my international pals, we'll have something for you soon!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This Works No Wrinkles Midnight Moisture review

You know you're on to a good product when you
a) admire the packaging each time you go to use it
b) make audible noises of enjoyment when applying it and
c) look around to see if anyone heard those audible noises of enjoyment.

The No Wrinkles Midnight Moisture cream from This Works may or may not make me do rudie noises like that episode of Friends where Phoebe was massaging Monica, but thankfully, it's just me and Bailey in the house and he's not too bothered.  All he knows is that his mammy wakes up each morning with plump, hydrated skin and is a happy lady.

Designed to help detoxify your skin from glycotoxins as a result of stress and lack of sleep, the No Wrinkles Midnight Moisture cream is by far one of the most intensely hydrating and nourishing cream I've ever tried.  By turning these glycotoxins into lactic acid, something your body can dispose of, and with the addition of Hyaluronic Acid which plumps and hydrates the skin, it promises to transform your skin overnight.

But does it?  The answer is yes.  Yes, yes, yes!  Now I'm channelling Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally.  A little goes a long way with this thick, luxurious cream.  The Persian Silk Tree Extract helps tackle signs of fatigue when you sleep and if you're someone who's not a great sleeper, you need all the help you can get.  I've been sleeping like a baby since I started using the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from This Works, so that in combination with my No Wrinkles Midnight Moisture, well, I've never looked as well rested!

I filmed my October favourites video that will be up shortly and spoke about this cream and even now, I'm finding it hard to describe properly how my skin feels after I've applied it.  I like to take a little of the cream and warm it between my fingers before massaging it into my skin.  Within minutes it's absorbed completely, leaving no residue behind, but here's the thing, my skin actually feels noticeably different.  Hydrated and plumped.  I've never tried a cream that has made such an immediate difference to my skin and each morning, I wake up to revived skin that most days, doesn't even need a day time moisturiser.

This is love folks.  We're talking Holy Grail status and as much as it pains me to say it, it's taken over from Origins Night A Mins cream as my favourite night time moisturiser.  Now, it's €58 and I know, that's spendy.  I was given this to try and I'm telling you now I'll be purchasing this myself when I run out.  100% guaranteed.  With skincare, when you find something you love like this, it makes me not want to even try other night creams as I don't see how it can be any better.

I know this is two months early but this is one of my top 13 products of 2013.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Essie Autumn 2013 - lots of photos and swatches!

Well Essie have done it again.  After the beaut that was the summer collection, they've only gone and brought out a six strong autumn collection, the likes of which I fell in love with instantly.  Like their summer offerings, I couldn't pick out an immediate favourite and even after swatching and wearing a few of them, I still can't pick a frontrunner.

Inspired by the cosy knits and delicate fabrics we like to wear when the days and nights get colder, the six shades are sophisticated, beautiful and going to be on my nails for the foreseeable future.

So you're here to see the swatches right?  I've got photos with and without the flash, to show you the polishes in their true beauty, so let's get to it shall we?

Twin Sweater Set makes me tongue-tied every time I try to say it out loud.  But I won't hold that against this deep red shade.  If there's one thing everyone should have in their collection, it's a classic crimson red and this one is a keeper.  Two coats does the job and I felt very glam altogether when I wore this last week.

The Lace Is On is a shimmery magenta purple shade that would be gorgeous for a Christmas party if you want to wear a bit of colour on the aul nails.  This shade is much nicer on than in the bottle FYI.

For The Twill Of It is great craic altogether  It's one of those duo chrome shades that will have you sitting there tilting your nails back and forth under the light, watching it changing colour.  Sometimes it's purple, sometimes it's blue, sometimes it's green and no matter what, you'll have people investigating your nails when you wear this!

Vested Interest is like no other polish in my vast collection.  It's a dusty greeny teal shade that is a beaut on the nails.  It's probably one of the most grown up shades of the collection and was surprisingly opaque in just two coats.

Cashmere Bathrobe…. Oh holy moly I love this shade with all my heart.  The dark charcoal grey polish is packed full of silver shimmer, not glitter, making it totally office friendly in my opinion.  Any excuse for me eh?!  I could go on and on about this shade, but I'll just finish by saying I love it.  A really lot.  The end.

After School Boy Blazer is a name that I can never keep in my brain and have to keep going back to the press release to check I have it right.  Again, this is a stunner of a midnight blue, almost blackened navy shade is pure sophistication.  In some light it looks black and in others you can see a hint of blue.  Lahve it dahling!

Finally, just a wee collage of each of the six shades without flash and below are photos of the shades taken with the flash.  Photos like these are good to save on the aul phone so you know what you're looking for when you go shopping!

Lads, I dare you to go to your local Essie stand and be able to pick just one of these beauts.  €9.99 is the damage and it's money well spent in my opinion as this collection is a keeper.

What's your favourite and if you have just one, then you're a better bridie than me!  Let me know in the comments!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Berry smokey eye makeup tutorial with the Sleek Vintage Romance palette

Happy Bank Holiday Monday to you all!  I've had a lovely few days off altogether and yesterday, found myself inspired to film a couple of videos.  But first things first, makeup had to be applied to my visage before anything, so I thought I'd film it and in the process, show you how some products I'm loving right now look on my mush!

I've been dying to film a look with the Sleek Vintage Romance palette which you can read about here and pick up from Cloud10Beauty for only €9.99.  I had to use the deep pinky berry shades that I instantly fell in love with when I first got the palette.  They work so well with my greeny blue eyes, making them lean more to the green end of the eyeball spectrum.

So sit back, have a cuppa, get inspired, and plaster yourself with makeup too!

Are there any other tutorials you'd like to see moi film?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

From Sephora with love - my Sephora wish list!

One of my bessies is going to New York next month and as always, she generously asked me if I wanted her to pick anything up for me.  Now, I've been avoiding the Sephora website for a few weeks now as this time last year, we were getting ready to head to New York for Thanksgiving and I was doing all of my research and was making my lists.  So I'm still in mourning that we're not going this year.  But hopefully this time next year, we'll be counting down the days, as mam turns 60 in February and we're bringing her over in November, our favourite time of the year to head to New York.

Anyway, I took to the Sephora website on Friday evening and nearly had heart failure at all of the gorgeous products that are out!  Holiday gift palettes are my favourite things ever in life because you get to try so much in one little set, which is generally great value anyway.

So I decided to put a little collage together for your viewing pleasure and mine too to be honest.  I still haven't decided what I should get, so any suggestions will be greatly welcomed!

From Sephora with love

Starting from the top left corner and working clockwise, we have the Marc Jacobs Beauty The Showstopper 7-piece Holiday Set ($89).  I think something like this would be a nice introduction to the Marc Jacobs Beauty collection what with it having a mini Honey perfume, eyeshadow palette, lip vinyl, liner and mascara, all in a beautiful pouch...

Smashbox have some stunners out this Christmas and this Wondervision Eye Set ($32) has a 6 shade palette, liner and mascara.  And looking at those shades, they'd be pretty fantastic on my eyes wouldn't you say?  I love the packaging of this and really need to visit the Smashbox counter in Arnotts to see them in person.

There's something soft and beautiful about the Laura Mercier Artist's Palette for Eyes ($48) and the mix of cool and warm toned eyeshadows that makes me think I really do need it and then I get scared.  What if it starts a new love affair with Laura Mercier?  Is that a bad thing?  Didn't think so.  This is a strong contender for me I think.

Tarte.  Oh Tarte.... Each time I visit the Sephora site, I'm filled with the want for everything from Tarte.  The Tarte Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek Palette ($44) is pretty much perfect for me with it's six eyeshadows and two blush shades.  And wouldn't it be great and handy for carrying around with me?  Yes.  I know. 

Now, you know I love my Tarte blushes.  I actually whimpered when I saw this Tarte Off the Cuff Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush Palette & Bracelet ($42) that comes with a little bracelet that let's be honest, probably won't fit me but still... Look at the blushes...... I think I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'll probably ask Caroline to get this for moi.

And the third thing from Tarte is The Tarte of Giving Collector's Set & Travel Bag ($59).  It has eyeshadows. It has lip glosses.  It has mascara, a blush and some other iconic Tarte products that most likely need to be in my collection wouldn't you agree?

Finally, Stila.  Oh Stila does some fantastic Christmas products and this Stila Color Me Glossy Lip Glaze Set ($28) has nine glazes, each separated into sets of three would make a splendid gift for oneself.  Or oneself could keep one set of three and give away the other to lucky friends?  Hopefully we'll be lucky enough to have this on Irish shores this Christmas.  

So please help me decide what to get!  It's overwhelming seeing so many things I love!  To the comments folks!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Win! A Weleda goody bag worth €50!

With the grey weather out there, I thought it was high time to add a bit of colour to your day!  Thanks to Weleda, we have a goody bag worth €50 up for grabs today!

As winter is the time where our skin dries out, we've got a set of mini body washes that promise to cleanse your skin without drying it out.  The five different fragrances mean that you can pick and choose your body wash depending on your mood!

The Citrus Refreshing Bath Milk, Body oil and deodorant will help you feel energised and will stimulate your senses, giving you a pep in your step.  I imagine they'd make you feel even more energised after being to the gym!  But I don't go to the gym (yet), so I'd have to make do with using them at home!

This giveaway is open to residents of Ireland purely because the bath milk and body oil are so heavy and postage will be crazy as it is!  You know what to do by now, get entering your details in the widget below and good luck!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray & Deep Sleep Dream Cream review

I feel a certain kinship with the brand This Works because a lot of times when I'm writing a post about something I love and am so excited about it, I have to stop myself from just writing "this works".  Well, today I'm going to be filling you in on the brand This Works and more specifically, their Deep Sleep products.

Ah, would you look at them there all cute on my dinky €6 pillow from Penneys.  And let me tell you, that pillow is looking pretty welcoming right now as I'm exhausted this week!  The Deep Sleep range is designed to help you do exactly that.  This Works carried out a sleep study with Aspen Clinical Research where it got 217 men and women with sleep problems to try out the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray over two weeks and also a placebo spray for two weeks, after which the results were recorded.

A quick rundown of the results got me very excited because both mam and I have issues sleeping, her more so than me.  Results using the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray showed that 83% of those on the trial felt they fell asleep faster, 78% felt they had a deeper sleep, 85% felt less anxious about trying to go asleep after using the spray, 75% felt less anxious the next day, 80% felt less tired the next morning after using the spray and 75% said they felt less tired during the day after using the spray.

Those are some pretty conclusive results and yet when I was having the chats with founder Kathy Phillips, I still wondered if it really worked.  It's the cynic in me I tell you!  I knew mam would be the integral part of my scientific experiment, rubbish sleeper that she is.  If she's not slept well for a night or two, she starts to panic about not being able to sleep that night and ends up being wide awake again.

I decided to bring the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (€19.50) to Spain with us at the start of the month and mam, Joanne and I all used it each night.  With ingredients including True Lavender from Provence, Patchouli, Vertivert and Chamomile, the Pillow Spray is relaxation in a bottle.  I haven't met one person yet who hasn't given it a whiff in front of me and almost collapsed from the relaxation!

It went down an absolute storm with us in Spain and we were all conked out in minutes after using it.  Mam knows a bit about the blog and rarely asks about the products I make us all try but she fell in love with this.  Usually I give her the things she likes, but lads, I couldn't give this to her.  I know.  I'm a terrible daughter, but this is the thing.  Since using the Pillow Spray and Dream Cream, I've been sleeping through the night.  This is unheard of for me.  It just doesn't happen.  I'm a fidgety sleeper and probably because Bailey sleeps in the room with me, I'm awake at least four or five times a night.  Then when I'm awake, I figure I might as well have a wee to see if it stops me waking up again during the night.

I could sleep through a tornado these days and I'm loving the routine I've gotten in to now before bed.  I try to keep away from my phone at least half an hour before getting in to bed, but that doesn't always happen.  While I'm applying my night time moisturiser, (also from This Works and more on that next week, I'm talking Holy Grail status people), I spray four or five spritzes of the Pillow Spray on to my pillow, before applying a lovely layer of the equally relaxing Deep Sleep Dream Cream (€23.00) on my hands and arms.  With a combination of essential oils to help you unwind and relax, this lavender scented cream both hydrates and nourishes my skin whilst helping me chill out and I'm telling you, I'll be purchasing both of these again when I'm finished with them.  Without fail, each night when I've used these guys and am tucked up in my bed, I give a little sigh of happiness.  I'm soothed, relaxed and know I'm going to have a great night's sleep!

For those that have chiddlers, there's a Baby Sleep Pillow Spray (€19.50) that is less concentrated than the adult version and smells just as relaxing.  I've given this to one of the girls at work to test out on her little boys and will keep you updated on how they get on.

There are more products in the Deep Sleep range and I think I'm going to have to try them all out one by one.  I should probably invest in a new bed, fabulous new sheets and a massive duvet as I'll be spending a lot of time conked out thanks to these guys!

You can find a list of stockists here on their website or buy online.  And they've lots of sets out for Christmas but stay tuned, I'll be showing them to you on the blog once Halloween is over.

Also, remember that pivotal part of the scientific experiment otherwise known as mam?  Well she wants it so much that we headed to Arnotts to get a bottle of the Pillow Spray for her and one for her friend.  They only had one left.  Even after we asked the girl to check in the stock room.  So I'll be buying her one online as she's giving the one she bought away.  She loves it!  It has the Lovely Mammy Bits' seal of approval!

So in short.  This Works.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bourjois Happy Light foundation review - before & after photos

Hands down, Bourjois do some of the best "drugstore" foundations and that's not the first time I've said that and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last.  The newest offering, Happy Light foundation is an absolute beaut and I had to have the chats with you about it.  But can we just take a moment and acknowledge that the bottle has a smile on it.  This makes me happy.

Containing translucent pigments that help give a radiant glow to the skin while reflecting the light, this foundation promises to correct without masking.  I like this concept and since starting blogging, have realised that winter time doesn't mean having to cake the foundation on.  I'm all about the glow and was excited to see how Happy Light did on my mush.

Like almost every other Bourjois foundation I've tried, Happy Light feels light on my skin and blends in easily with my trusty Real Techniques Buffing Brush.  

It gives a light to medium coverage and covers the redness around my schnoz, evening out my skin without any hassle.  I'd like to draw your attention to my cheek in the photo above.  Check out the lovely satiny glow I'm rocking and as an oily skinned lady, it can be hard finding the balance between glow and oil slick.  This gives me a subtle radiance that lasts for the whole work day and even longer if I powder it lightly.

Happy Light pretty much ticks all of the boxes for me.  Light to medium coverage.  Stays put all day.  Gives a grand glow to the visage.  Looks like natural skin.

The only down point is the colour range.  I was sent shade 50 Porcelaine, which is the lightest in the range of nine and it's on the cusp of being slightly too dark for me, but nothing that blending down the neck can't help with.  So those with lighter skin than moi will be stuck for colours which is a shame because it's a gorgeous foundation.

€16.99 is the damage and Bourjois always have special offers on, especially introductory ones for new products, so keep your eyes peeled for this on counters now!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My blog lighting setup for autumn & winter

Yes, we know it's darker these days and while most of the world is happy to be snuggling up on the chilly autumn nights, we bloggers have bigger fish to fry.  We are suffering with lack of natural light which is crucial if we want decent photos!  And for me, whenever I'm reading blog posts, I always look at the photos and then read the text afterwards.  But that's moi.  I've gotten really into photography since buying my Canon 600D last year in New York and love playing around with the settings, seeing what I can create.

So at the start of this year, I decided to invest in decent lighting because I figured what's the use in having a deadly camera if I can't use it all the time.  I wanted the freedom to be able to take photos whenever I wanted and not have to dedicate every Saturday or Sunday to taking photos for the week.  I also knew that I'd be starting YouTube and would need lighting for that same reason.  So the research began and I ended up buying this set from Ebay.  It came with two softboxes with stands and two daylight bulbs.

I'd bought one of those small light boxes before but only used it for a couple of weeks because it was too small and I didn't have the freedom to stick props in it and move around the products too much.   So yes, I needed the good stuff.

I take most of the photos now on Joanne's old chest of drawers and use the lights to create a daylight effect.  They really do show the colours in their true form which is important for a beauty blogger.  I keep the softbox lights assembled for most of the winter as I never know when inspiration is going to take hold, but during the summer, I was able to put them back into their packaging and store them away.

I'm sure there are cheaper lighting set ups out there but this one is perfect for me.  I wanted to have it all in place at once and the less faffing about, the better!

No flash - meh
With camera flash only - notice how it washes everything out & make it all look flat
With softbox lights & no camera flash.  Notice she shadows on the back wall, making everything look 3D!
Having the freedom to take photos and film videos during the winter is brilliant.  Last year I was in a constant panic trying to get home before it got dark and each weekend I was so aware of having to take photos then or else I'd be stuck for the week.

I'm not saying you have to go out and spend all that money on lighting.  The Dolly Rouge ladies use affordable daylight bulbs from this site which also work great.  I just wanted the whole set for convenience so I can photograph my lovely products and film some funny videos for ye!  It's an investment and one of the best things I could have done for the blog next to buying my fancypants camera.  I'm a lady of leisure now when it comes to taking photos!

What are your lighting tips and tricks during the darker months?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Liners I'm loving! Featuring Maybelline, Lancome & Kiko

Ah, liners.  Sure where would you be without them?  I love sweeping a slick of black liner on to complete an eye look.  Don't you love how I used the word "sweeping"?  Like I'm a lady of leisure and barely need any effort to apply it, slicking it on in one swoop.  When in actual fact, I'm about two inches from a mirror, trying to stop my hand from shaking and cursing the fact that I can't get it even, then cursing the fact that I've messed it up and need to start my eye makeup from scratch and then I start fighting with myself wondering why I attempted to do a black cat eye when I was in a rush?!

But when you get it right lads, oh eyeliner is a beautiful thing.  Using a soft pencil liner can add smokiness to a look, adds definition to the eyes and just gives a little somethin' somethin'.  Here are some liners I've been playing with recently and had to show you.

Maybelline Master Duo liner.

This one immediately intrigued moi with it's interesting little tip.  Hopefully you can see in the photo above that there's a little flat disc at the end of the nib and depending on which way you hold it against your eyes, you'll get lines with different thickness.  Holding the disc flat will give a thick line and by turning it 90 degrees and holding the edge of the disc against your skin gives a thin line.  Formulation wise, it was opaque and easy to work with and I'm not great with liners at all at all.  For €7.99, it's a great black liner that gives a slightly glossy finish and you can see it in action below.

Lancome Artliner 24H in Sapphire.

An instant way to add drama to your eye is to apply a line of colour to your upper lashline, combined with copious amount of mascara and/or fake lashes.   Lancome's Artliner turns 20 this year and to celebrate, they're launching six new shades to add to the collection.  I got Sapphire to play with and hand on heart, it's the most pigmented coloured liner I've ever used.  The nib makes application a doddle and makes doing a cat eye easy peasy.  All I do is lay the side of the nib along the lashes and press down to deposit as much colour as possible and then use the point of the nib to tidy up and make the edges all nice and crisp.  It's one of those liners that you need to let dry before opening your eyes fully or it'll transfer to your upper eyelid.  It dries to a slightly shiny finish, almost like latex and I can't get enough of it.

Lancome Artliner 24HR Sapphire (L), Maybelline Master Duo (R)
Now, if you're a bit scared of colour as intense as this Art Liner from Lancome, you could apply a line of black liner and then apply a line of the blue on top of it, following the shape as a guide.  These launch on November 1st and are €28.  I'll definitely be checking out the other shades.

Kiko Twinkle Eye Pencils.  

Kiko, I love you long time.  And I wish I'd picked up more of these beauts when I was in Spain.  What's better than a creamy, pigmented liner?  A creamy, pigmented liner that has sparkle in it!

The Twinkle Eye Pencils are seriously gorgeous and are the first pencil liners that have made me sit up a la Frankenstein and take notice since the Avon SuperShock liners.  They have some serious staying power once they set and make a great base for shadows too.  They're twisty uppy pencils, but get this, there's a built in sharpener that just pares the core when you need a fine point.

I picked up Shade 03 Flexuous Burgundy and 05 Elastic Teal and we're very happy together.  The shimmer in these makes me happy.  It's not too in your face and I suppose it one was to feel one was too grown up for proper glitter, pencils like these might be what one would need.  These are £6.90 from the Kiko website and if you want to order from them, then you can use Parcel Motel to get them to deliver.  But come on Kiko, open a shop here and make the blogging world a happier place.

So those are the liners I've been loving lately.  What's been on your lids recently?  What do I need to try next?

Friday, October 18, 2013

10 Biker coats I love!

With a nip in the air, (no, not that kind of nip, dirty minds out of the gutter there,) it's a bit chilly on the willy going to work in the mornings.  I realised I've no light coat, just my heavy winter coat and I'm not ready to lash that on just yet.  I've a raincoat, actually, I had a raincoat until Bailey decided to rip the cuff off it one day while protecting the house from the postman.  He likes to grab whatever's close by and tear the living daylights out of it, pretending it's that person outside and he's SuperDog.

So I took my search online and starting taking note of nice coats that I could wear to work and out afterwards.  It was only when I started going through the photos I stored that I realised it looks like I'm rather enthralled by the biker coat trend.  I didn't pick these on purpose, I just saved what I liked and I like the biker coat trend!

I like coats to cover my bum, so never really got into the biker jacket thing, but sure the shops have me covered!

10 Biker coats I love

Top row L-R: Littlewoods €94, Zara €140, Warehouse €120, Oasis €120, Dorothy Perkins €75
Bottom row L-R: Dorothy Perkins €88, Marks & Spencer €155, Red Herring Debenhams €93, Warehouse €120, Dorothy Perkins €73

I love them all people.  I think come pay day, I shall trot into town and try some of these on.  Then I'll have to build some sort of protection unit so that Bailey doesn't kill it while saving me from people walking by the house.

See anything you like?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Giorgio Armani Nail Lacquers are here and they're beautiful!

Ok, so you know I'm a nail polish fiend right?  And when it comes to polishes, I do tend to keep my spending on the lower end of the budgetary scale.  Which is probably why I have so many now that I think of it.  But sometimes, just sometimes, a special polish will come along and make me want to shell out the big bucks.

It has to be something special if I'm to recommend it to you and folks, the new Nail Lacquers from Giorgio Armani are exactly that.

18 new shades launched on counters this week with six shades in each of the three colour trends, acqua, reds and beiges.  I got two to play with, shade 503, a beaut of a deep red and 100, the nudiest of all the nudes and would make a gorgeous bridal manicure, so Joanne, this one is yours!

The brush is very important to me when it comes to application because more often than not, I'm applying polish whilst curled up on the couch watching tv.  The brush on the nail lacquers are long and wide meaning application is a cinch, even if you're distracted by all of the baking that's going on on the Great Irish Bake Off #teamwill!  The formula is thin yet pigmented and to be honest, I could totally get away with one coat of shade 503 Eccentrico, but for the purpose of photos, I'm showing you two.

The glossy finish on 503 Eccentrico makes my heart sing and I already know I'll be wearing this lots over the coming months.  €24 is the damage and honestly, if I'd to choose between this and a Chanel polish, Giorgio Armani would win hands down.  I've worn 503 lots since getting it to play with and it lasts for days at a time which is unheard of as I'm very hard on my hands and nails at work.

Go visit them now on counters and tell them I said hi and that I'll see them soon!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

La Bougie room diffusers are here and I'm happy

Ok, so you know I'm a huge fan of La Bougie candles right?  Well, when I got an email last week heralding the existence of room diffusers from the brand, I knew it was going to be a good day.  You see, I'm in love with the brand.  Actual love.  I don't think I've been sent a candle before to try from a brand and then gone out and bought them again.  The Sage & Bitter Orange candle is that one and not only have I bought them for myself, but the mothership has been treated to one too.

But I digress, back to the room diffusers.  I've been using diffusers in the house for a few years now and haven't looked back.  They're something that can bring a room to life, adding gentle fragrance to a space and the best thing is, you don't have to watch over them like you do a candle.

I was sent the Lichen & Winter Jasmine diffuser to try and holy moly it's gorgeous.  Ever so slightly floral, this smells like a crisp sunny winter morning.  It's a bright, clean scent that's perfect for my beauty room (box room) and when I buy the Sage & Bitter Orange diffuser, because I 100% will, I'll be keeping that one in my kitchen.  The final of the three scents available, Dark Rose & Myrtle sounds positively decadent, if only I knew what Myrtle smelled like.  Nothing a quick visit to Arnotts won't help!

These diffusers last for a good three months and at €29.99 (€19.99 for refills and replacement reeds), they're well worth the money.  I speak from experience as I've been using Rituals' diffusers for years now but these guys are going to be strong contenders against them, I tell you.  

Listen to moi when I tell you that Lichen & Winter Jasmine is gorgeous.  Also listen to moi when I tell you that if the Sage & Bitter Orange diffuser is like it's candle counterpart, I'll be stocking up.  So you'd want to get into Arnotts or any of the independent stockists nationwide and beat me to it.

Between the candles and the diffusers, La Bougie is taking over my house and it smells gowjus!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine - Secret, photos, swatches, review

On my recent holiday to Spain, I picked up a few nude lipsticks.  Not on purpose.  They were just the ones that spoke to me the way a nudie lipstick speaks to a nudie lip lover.  And you know what?  They were all completely justified because as the days get shorter and the nights get longer, the amount of eye makeup I wear rises exponentially.  I love smokey eyes and they need glorious nude lips to compliment them.

Enter one of Chanel's new Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks for autumn 2013, entitled Secret.  And now I'm going to tell you all about my Secret.

Secret is a shade I've been looking for for ages, but didn't know I was until I saw this in the airport coming home from Spain.  You know I love my peach lips and wore them to death over the summer, but I'm hesitant to completely retire them for the year.  Conveniently, Secret is a pinky peach shade that is perfect for my skin tone.  With shimmer dotted throughout to add shine to the lips, Secret is a slightly sheer but buildable lippie that makes me feel very grown up altogether when I wear it.  And I need all the help I can get in that department.

I only own one other Rouge Coco Shine in the shade En Vouge and I don't know why I don't have more because they're really moisturising on the lips and coming into colder weather, this is muy imporatante para mi.  Yes, I'm still in Spain in my mind.

There's another Rouge Coco Shine from the autumn collection, Rendez-vous, that I've my eye on and as it was so difficult to choose between the two, I think I'll have to pick it up next.

€30.50 is the damage but it's Chanel...  Those two C's make the perfect treat for yourself...  It's an investment... You love it.... I could be here all day with the justifications, but in all honesty, I love the formula on these and would happily shell out my cash for more of these guys.

So what Rouge Coco Shine do I need to try next?  I'm thinking something red as the festive season isn't too far away?
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