Friday, October 18, 2013

10 Biker coats I love!

With a nip in the air, (no, not that kind of nip, dirty minds out of the gutter there,) it's a bit chilly on the willy going to work in the mornings.  I realised I've no light coat, just my heavy winter coat and I'm not ready to lash that on just yet.  I've a raincoat, actually, I had a raincoat until Bailey decided to rip the cuff off it one day while protecting the house from the postman.  He likes to grab whatever's close by and tear the living daylights out of it, pretending it's that person outside and he's SuperDog.

So I took my search online and starting taking note of nice coats that I could wear to work and out afterwards.  It was only when I started going through the photos I stored that I realised it looks like I'm rather enthralled by the biker coat trend.  I didn't pick these on purpose, I just saved what I liked and I like the biker coat trend!

I like coats to cover my bum, so never really got into the biker jacket thing, but sure the shops have me covered!

10 Biker coats I love

Top row L-R: Littlewoods €94, Zara €140, Warehouse €120, Oasis €120, Dorothy Perkins €75
Bottom row L-R: Dorothy Perkins €88, Marks & Spencer €155, Red Herring Debenhams €93, Warehouse €120, Dorothy Perkins €73

I love them all people.  I think come pay day, I shall trot into town and try some of these on.  Then I'll have to build some sort of protection unit so that Bailey doesn't kill it while saving me from people walking by the house.

See anything you like?


  1. OMG!!! These coats are all so pretty. I can't choose the best one for all of them are so pretty. Perfect for any season and perfect for any outfit.

  2. Ooooh Ooooooh!! The 3rd one is fecking gorgeous! €120, may get saving!

    Cint @ Makeup and Messes X


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