Monday, October 28, 2013

Berry smokey eye makeup tutorial with the Sleek Vintage Romance palette

Happy Bank Holiday Monday to you all!  I've had a lovely few days off altogether and yesterday, found myself inspired to film a couple of videos.  But first things first, makeup had to be applied to my visage before anything, so I thought I'd film it and in the process, show you how some products I'm loving right now look on my mush!

I've been dying to film a look with the Sleek Vintage Romance palette which you can read about here and pick up from Cloud10Beauty for only €9.99.  I had to use the deep pinky berry shades that I instantly fell in love with when I first got the palette.  They work so well with my greeny blue eyes, making them lean more to the green end of the eyeball spectrum.

So sit back, have a cuppa, get inspired, and plaster yourself with makeup too!

Are there any other tutorials you'd like to see moi film?


  1. Love this Karen really lovely you're eyes are fab!! Do you mind me asking what foundation brush you used? You made it look so easy!

  2. p.s. please do more tutorials!! :-)

  3. That eyecolour is amazing, I never brave enough to wear it but it looks gorgey on you!

  4. Gorgeous eyes, love the berry shades on you x

  5. Ohhh, this was very useful, especially for someone as cack-handed as me, thank you. I've always loved the 'looks' you show with stuff you have. Makes a nice difference from swatches on arms. You know what I'd love? A vid showing what brushes you use and what for, especially in relation to eyes. And tightlining too. And contouring. Actually, I'd love all the tutorials, please.


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