Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My holiday haircare - Schwarzkopf & Kerastase!

I know we tormented you a leedle bit last week when we were away in Spain, but we tried not to post too many photos of the blue sky and sunshine and just enjoy our time away from constant checking of the interwebs.  We were thinking of ye here in the rain and were trying to be sympathetic.  But that ends now.  Here come the sunny photos!

I was sent some haircare products to test out and decided that the week in the sun would be the perfect way to give them a go.  It ended up being much hotter than we anticipated, so the bits I brought were absolutely spot on for protecting my hair in the sun and not having me coming home looking like a scarecrow.

I made all three of us use this shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner from Schwarzkopf Professional and we all loved it.  So much so, that Joanne was actually asking me if she could use the leave in conditioner, which is unheard of!

The BC Fibre Force range promises to reconstruct the hair's natural architecture from within with a micronised keratin replacement formula.  I know that sounds very science-y and all, but I'm all about keratin products right now and know that whenever I use them, my hair looks and feels amazing.   So over the course of the week, I used the BC Fibre Force Cleanser shampoo (€13.25) which gently cleanses the hair, the BC Fibre Force Fortifier Conditioner (€14.45) which rebalances the moisture levels in the hair and seals the hair cuticle so it's all nice and shiny, and the BC Fibre Force Fortifier Spray Conditioner (€14.45) which is great for detangling and restores keratin bonds, much to the happiness of my hair.

I used the regular conditioner and spray conditioner on alternate days after shampooing my hair and lads, my hair has never been so silky soft, especially after letting it air dry.  It was too hot over there to use the hairdryer and any time I let my hair air dry, it usually goes a bit fuzzy, wild and I end up tying it back out of my face.  My hair looked and felt softer, stronger and healthier that it has done in ages and for that, I'll be purchasing this range myself along with the BC Fibre Force Treatment (€15.45) because in the winter, I'm all about the hair treatments so any excuse!

Next we have some Kerastase products that I put aside at the start of the summer, knowing that they'd be ideal for my holiday and I was right!

Every day, usually when the temperature was at it's highest, mam would decide she wanted to go for a walk.  So on went the sun cream and we prepared ourselves to physically melt in the sun, knowing we'd come back purple with the heat.  I sprayed the Kerastase Micro Voile Protector (€25) all over my hair, lengths and roots, to protect it from the sun and also to help keep my blonde bits a normal colour.  There's nowt more annoying that getting your hair coloured (not that I have recently) and you head away, only to come back a few shades lighter than what you paid a month's worth of grocery money for.  I'm contemplating going darker at the moment, so this was exactly what I needed.  The fine mist coated my hair evenly, didn't leave me with greasy roots and protected my hair from drying out along with keeping my colour the same.  Result!  And I'll be bringing this with me on holidays every time from now on.

As a final step before heading out the door into the evening heat and in an attempt to control the ever increasing frizz that seems to happen in Spain, I used the Kerastase Touche Final SuperShine Polishing Serum (€23).  This serum is really lightweight, not sticky and doesn't weigh my hair down which is very important when trying to maintain swishy hair in the heat.  I could have used this during the day if it wasn't hotter than the sun's surface and I was able to stick having my hair down, because it also helps protect the hair from heat and humidity.  But the hair had to be kept up during the day, so this was kept for evening use.  I concentrated it on the length of my hair and particularly at the tips which is the driest part of my locks and it gave a grand shine and kept any curly bits at bay.

So these were the products that helped keep my hair in tip top condition last week!  I love them all and can't recommend them enough if you're looking to help protect, strengthen and generally take good care of your hair!

Have you tried any of these?  What are your favourite hair products at the mo?  Do share in the comments so I can go shopping!


  1. Great blog! I will definitely visit it again!

  2. I'd probably pass the Schwarzkopf range on a shelf as the packaging just makes me assume they're men's products, but they sound amazing!

  3. These all sound really good. I'm the same about hair products during the winter so I'm tempted to purchase the BC products. so good.x


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