Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A makeup brush set is for life, not just for Christmas!

Makeup brushes.  I have about a million of them and yet I'm always on the hunt for more.  Because they tend not to be an absolute necessity for me (due to my vast collection), I end up buying single brushes and rarely buy sets for myself and instead, point Joanne in their direction come birthdays and Christmas.

Now there are fancy schmancy ones on the market and as beautiful as they are, I know myself and I'd be afraid to use them in case I killed them.  So I've picked some sets I've been stalking online, so feel free to save this post for future reference or email it to your loved one with the title "Oh look at this post with possible Christmas present ideas hint hint"!

Brush sets

1. The 15 piece professional brush set from Black Canvas Cosmetics has every brush you'd ever need, with 7 face brushes, 7 eye brushes and a lip brush.  At €125.01 it's on the speedy side, but if you know of someone who loves their brushes and would be forever in your debt after receiving this, then you can order it here and start thinking up nice things they can do for you to thank you!

2. Irish company Nima Brush has the 7 piece essential set from The Sunshine Collection and at €65, is more on the affordable side.   A set like this is perfect for those who only need a core set of brushes, not like moi!  You get three face brushes and four eye brushes in the set and it comes with the cylinder to hold the brushes.  You can buy them here.

3. You know I love my Real Techniques brushes and I couldn't do a brush post without alerting you to the amazing bargains to be had on iHerb.  If you don't mind waiting a couple of weeks for delivery, you can pick up the Core Collection for $17.99 which works out at around €13.50!  And to make it even more tempting, we've a code you can use that will give you $5 off orders under $40 and $10 off orders over $40.  Make sure you check out the rest of the Real Techniques brushes on the site and use VBP642 at the checkout! *

4. The Smashbox Wondervision brush set contains five of the brand's famous brushes, all dressed up in chrome for Christmas!  €60 is the damage for the face brush and four eye brushes.  I've gotten my makeup done at the Smashbox counter a few times and every time I do, I have to fight the urge not to fall asleep because the brushes are so soft!  This is available in Arnotts now and on Smashbox counters across the land.

5. Available to preorder on Cloud10Beauty, the Real Techniques Sam's Picks is a set of Sam's six favourite brushes, all in one limited edition collection.  With four face brushes and two eye brushes, every makeup lover will be delighted to open this up on Christmas day!  And at €34.99, it's not breaking the bank at all.  These will sell out fast, so get ordering folks!

6. Finally we have a wee mini makeup brush set for €10.00 from Ur Makeup.  This set of four double ended make up brushes comes in six colours and would be perfect for someone starting out in the world of makeup.  I've a cousin who's becoming interested in all things beauty so something like this will be perfect for her.  Or if you're doing a Secret Santa, it'd make a great little gift.  You can buy it here!

So we've something for all budgets there eh?  Brushes are a safer option over makeup when it comes to buying presents, especially if you don't know what brands or colours your friend or loved one likes to wear.  So give a gift this Christmas.  The gift of having no excuse not to apply makeup correctly.  Give brushes!

* Disclosure: By using our code on iHerb, we get a few bob that we can spend on the site.  I'm thinking more makeup brushes eh?!


  1. VoW! Nima Brushes look so adorable. I really hope they ship to other countries in Europe as well!:)

  2. Oh Sam's Picks is fab & those mini brushes are gorgeous, they look like great quality too.

    1. Sam's Picks…. I'm fighting with myself as to whether I need them or not ;P

  3. Wish I had known about iHerb before I bought the Core Collection in Boots months ago. Their prices seem fantastic! Will have to have a good nose around the site :)


  4. These all look great Karen! I think the Sam's Picks brushes are on iherb already for about €25, was thinking about getting them.


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