Friday, December 13, 2013

Diego Della Palma Il Rosetto The Lipstick Shade 31 - Tis the season to wear red lips, fa la la la la, la la la laaaaa

The Pixiwoo sisters first brought Italian brand Diego Dalla Palma into my life as they went through a phase of using the brow gel.  When I heard it had come to the beauty hall in Marks and Spencer though, I was only delighted that it would be accessible as I'm always in the beauty hall when I'm moseying in town on the weekend.  Accessible is good, but not so for the aul bank balance.

I was given shade 31 to play with a few months ago and it was the lipstick that inspired the whole red lip series that I've got going on and I mean, come on, look at it….

Sleek white packaging with the name on the side makes it stand out from every other lipstick in my collection, and that's saying a lot.  This blue based red lippie was almost too pretty to mess up, but all in the name of the blog eh?  It contains teeny tiny beads of marine collagen which penetrate the contours of the lips, smoothing them out and I definitely saw an improvement in the texture of my lips using it.

The creamy formula glides on easily, leaving a satin finish and feels lovely and comfy on the lips.  Dare I say it that I sometimes forget I'm wearing it!  It fades away gently leaving a light stain and doesn't bleed or smush itself around in the corners of your mouth.

€20 is the damage and I'll definitely be checking out more shades because this one is an absolute dream to wear.


  1. That's a gorgeous shade! Love blue toned reds!

  2. OMG I need this

  3. It looks great. I love wearing red lips during winter times, but then again who doesn't?



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