Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Christmas from Lovely Girlie Bits!

Here at Lovely Girlie Bits, we've finished our Christmas shopping, wrapped all of our presents and are ready to enjoy Christmas.  Joanne is finished work while I'm in today and tomorrow, so say a prayer that the two days are uneventful and that no patient rings at noon on Tuesday looking for an urgent prescription!

Initially I was going to take a complete break from blogging over the Christmas break, but I still have more things I want to blog about, so rather than stopping completely, I'll be posting more sporadically, without any pressure!  I find that as I've more time to relax over the Christmas, I end up watching lots of YouTube videos and reading plenty of blog posts, and I end up finding lots of new ones this way as most people stop blogging completely over the break.

So Joanne and I just wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas!  We hope you have a lovely time wherever you may be and hope you're surrounded by family and friends.  Make sure to eat, drink and be merry because it's Christmas!

Thank you so much for all your support over the last year.  We'll thank you properly next week but just know that those of you who read the blog, comment, watch your videos and support us are star bars.  Actual star bars!

Haaaaaaaaaapppyyyyyyyyyy Christtttttmaasssssssss!


  1. Happy Christmas to you both too, have a lovely holiday x x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. Happy Holidays!!

    Happy New Year in Advance to you and your team.

    May god full fill your all dreams this new year.

  3. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year in advance to you and your teammates. May you remain cheerful and live a happy life in the new year.


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