Friday, December 6, 2013

My Tigi haircare love affair thanks to TK Maxx

One of my favourite things to do is peruse the beauty section of TK Maxx while mam and Joanne looks around the rest of the shop.  There are treasures to be found in there and from experience, you need to give each counter a look over at least twice, if not thrice, just to be sure.  Twice is enough, I just like saying thrice.  I bet you're saying it with your best Downton Abbey-esque accent now.  Thrice.

So on a recent visit to TK Maxx, I noticed they'd a lot of Tigi S Factor conditioners in stock and I'd been wanting to try them for ages.  They'd lots of conditioners and after careful consideration and much changing of my mind, I picked up the S Factor Health Factor Daily Dose Conditioner and started looking for a matching shampoo.  They'd none in stock so I had a squizz through the rest of the Tigi range and ended up with the Bed Head Tigi Urban Anti-Dotes Re-energize shampoo.

These two mahoosive bottles were €16.99 each and will last me for ages.  Or so I tell myself to justify spending that much on haircare.  And as they both come with a pump, I get to pretend I'm a proper hairdresser in the shower.

The shampoo promises to strengthen and add shine to my hair by sealing the cuticle and balance moisture levels.  I think the clincher for me buying it was the tag line "Normal hair that needs a daily pick-me-up" and that's mine right now!

The shampoo is gorgeous and thick, lathering beautifully which makes me happy.  It has a light, sweet scent that doesn't overpower the schnoz.  After rinsing, my hair feels squeaky clean from roots to tips which never fails to please me.  As a greasy rooted bridie, I'm always conscious of residue or build up in my roots that makes it look like I've three day old hair.

The S-Factor Health Factor Daily Dose Conditioner is a fortifying conditioner that smooths the hair while helping repair it, giving you shine and volume.  It's quite lightweight in terms of texture and I use five or six pumps of it, using it on the length of my hair and avoiding the roots.

It rinses away leaving no residue at all at all and even at that point, freezing the diddies off myself in the shower, I can feel my hair is smoother.  I'm not sure if it's supposed to detangle too, but I hardly have to brush my hair at all before drying it.  Speaking of drying it, my hair dries in about 3 minutes and it's smooth, sleek and swishy.  Maybe that's why it's called the S factor.  I don't need to add anything else into my hair to tame the frizz and I actually look forward to washing my hair these days!

So moral of the story is to looking TK Maxx because you never know what you'll come out with.  Yes I am €34 poorer but my hair is freaking fabulous!  I can't recommend them enough lads.  Will definitely repurchase.

Have you tried any of the monstrous sized shampoos and conditioners from TK Maxx?  What should I try next?


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  2. I was looking at these just on Tuesday! They had loads of Tigi and quite a few Joico duo packs too, in Arklow. Which TK Maxx did you go into? I regret not buying any now.

  3. I love TK Maxx for beauty stuff, I've gotten great deals in there on perfumes and stuff.


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