Monday, December 2, 2013

The Luxury Christmas gift guide - €100+

How amazing would it be to win the lotto?  Not only would you be able to roll around on the bed in all the €100 notes, flinging it up in the air like you've always imagined, but you'd be able to do something amazing.  You'd be able to shop till you actually drop without a care in the world!

Until that happens, you'll need to use birthdays and Christmas to acquire the more expensive products on your wish list and if you're any kind of beauty junkie, you'll have a constant wish list on the go.  I have two.  One for things I need and can afford and the other is for things I'll never be able to buy but still like to live in hope!

So I 've compiled a luxury gift guide/wish list that you can gaze longingly over, point at while sitting right beside your loved one, elbowing them slightly while clearing your throat and nodding in this general direction.  You're welcome….

Luxury gift guide

1. The Clarisonic White Mia 2 - €149.  Oh the want is strong when it comes to me wanting and needing a Clarisonic.  I've heard great things about these guys and may or may not have this on my wish list this year!  (I totally do).  Designed to remove impurities from your skin, this will deep clean your skin like nowt else.  Available from Brown Thomas.

2. The Laura Mercier Les Petits Bonbons Luxurious Baked Eye Colour Palette - €150.  This beautiful palette is packed with 30 shadows with a nice blend of shimmers, mattes, demi-mattes and high shimmers and has a massive mirror to boot.  

3. The Michael Kors Glam Jasmine EDP - €104 sounds like it'll be right up my street… I'm a huge fan of all things jasmine and this scent also has floral and woody notes that gets me excited and I suspect I'd get a lot of wear out of it during the winter and in the summer, making a purchase totally justified wouldn't you say?

4. Rebecca Minkoff Quilt Affair Blue Bag - €316.  You'll probably know that Joanne and I are huge fans of Rebecca Minkoff and especially her bags.  We've bought a few over the past couple of years and always visit them in Arnotts.  I've my eye on this navy beaut, complete with the interlaced chain on the strap and studs galore.  We likey a lotty. 

5. Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Deluxe Candle - €150.  I know, €150 for a candle is crazy talk, but we're wishing and hoping here folks.  The Pomengranate Noir scent is dark and sexy, and perfect for cold winter nights.  I think I'd have to ration this big time, so cost per burn wouldn't be too painful!

6. The Canon Legria Mini - €339 is one for the budding vlogger out there.  This portable camera makes videos on the go so much easier, has a wide-angle lens option, a built in stand and the best thing is you can see yourself in the frame if you're wandering around vlogging! 

7. Yves Saint Laurant La Laque Couture Colour Collection - €450.  Oh holy moly.  Just look at that 24 boxed set of nail polishes containing the whoooooole collection of the La Laque Couture polishes.  Any nail polish junkie would give their right arm for this stunning gift, but then again, they'd have five less nails to paint if they did that.  Best to keep the right arm and start saving now.

8. Shiseido Total Regenerating Cream - €290.  Who'd have thought that this unassuming pot of cream would be nearly €300, but it promises to energise the skin with Skingenecell 1P and Angelica Root Extract while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  I've heard great things about this and if I'd the cashola, I'd snap it up.

9. Creme De La Mer The Luminous Essentials Set - €340.  What luxury list would be complete without Creme De La Mer?  This set contains a Moisturising Soft Cream, a Radiant Serum, Eye Balm Intense, The Tonic and the Cleansing Gel, so you have no excuse not to have transformed skin that's soothed, nourished and rejuvenated.

10. GHD V Sapphire Styler - €122.77.  Back when hair straighteners first came out, I'd no idea you could do more than just straighten your hair with them.  I've still not mastered the GHD curl, but by God I'd be able to practice lots with this one!  Joanne still uses her 10 year old GHD and so maybe it's time for an upgrade?

So I know, that was a post full of things to make you drool, want to save and want to start buying lottery tickets.  But they do say Christmas is the time for miracles!

What do you fancy this Christmas?


  1. Oh how pretty are all of these, especially 2 and 7!! I have the Clarisonic on my Christmas list and hoping Santa is kind this year ;) x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. Love the Rebecca Minkoff bag, it's gorgeous and very glam! Hopefully you will get this for Christmas Karen. :-)

  3. In case you're looking for a new GHD - lookfantastic has a sale on with the purple version of the GHD V mentioned above going for 97 euros.


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