Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Favourite Five #2

Lads, we did it!  We made it through the first week of the year, which is generally the most painful week ever, so it's onwards and upwards now!  It was an eventful week in Lovely Girlie Bits with us returning to our Slimming World meeting, taking down the Christmas tree and decorations, starting Joanne's Hen Night preparations, having to get my car fixed when it turned into a boy racer car on my way home from work and an exciting meeting that gave me the squirts from nerves.

This weekend is consisting of Joanne spending some vouchers she got for Christmas and her birthday and I'll be doing a bit of a spring clean and preparing next week's blog posts and videos as it's going to be a busy week and month which is good.  Oh and Sherlock is on Sunday night which will mean that all of my bits and bobs will have to be done by 8.30.  No excuses.

Behold this week's Favourite Five.  These are the posts and videos that inspire me, make me think and make me want to spend money I don't have but somehow find whenever I need a bit of retail therapy.

Mags' nail polish holder thingy
When I saw Mags talking about her new nail polish storage/display unit that was given to her as a Christmas present, I couldn't wait to see the blog post to go with it.  Redser, one of the Emerald Eyeliner girls made Now I want to magnetise all the things and sure wouldn't it save me wallpapering the spare room?  Wait, is there such a thing as magnetic wallpaper?!  How cool would it be to walk into your room and pick up a blush off the wall.  Oh that would be living the dream altogether...

Makeup Monster - overrated brands
In the beauty industry and in beauty blogging land, it's all too easy for us to get caught up in the hype when it comes to brands or a specific product.  It's hard when a brand send out so many samples to bloggers and when the rave reviews start coming in.  The aul cynic in me always comes out and I end up being tougher on that product or brand.  Yavenna is giving us the low down on what brand she thinks is overrated, so make sure you head over and see if you agree.

Vivianna Does Makeup & Lily Pebbles - How to start a YouTube channel and How to start a blog
Oh if only this had been around when I started both blog and YouTube channel, it would have made my life so much easier!  I had to do it the old fashioned way and Google everything!  But they've got some great practical advice and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.  I've given some of my blogging tips here, so there's no excuse not to start up a blog now!  Also, technically these are videos but they have corresponding blog posts so fit in the rules of Favourite Five!

Buy Now blog Later - foundation round up
I am a foundation junkie through and through, so when I saw Laura from Buy Now, Blog Later (known to some of us previously as Lollipop26) listing the current foundations she loves, I was all over it!  It soothes my soul to read what foundations other people love and she's given a brief review of her top ? ones.  Now I want to buy them.  All of them.  There are 21.

I discovered one of my favourite YouYubers, Maya Mia, through Instagram, falling in love with each makeup look she posted on there.  When I found out she'd a YouTube channel, I immediately subscribed and have watched all of her tutorials, some I've watched a couple of times.  This girl can do amazing eye makeup and inspires me to be a bit more creative and even though I always feel like Ms Piggy when I wear eyelashes (they always feel too long, I don't feel like an actual oinker), she makes me want to start using them.  Her smokey eyes are stunning and neutral eyes are totally doable.

So what beauty blogs am I not reading that I should be?  Link me up in the comments below people!


  1. Love these posts Karen cos I can catch up on the bits I missed during the week!

  2. Great picks x Really loved Make up Monster's post
    Clodagh x
    Here Comes Clo

  3. Maya Mia is amazing I have been following her for a while now her eyes are stunning

  4. Woo hoo I made "The Five" brill your a star :)


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