Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Favourite Five #3

What a week eh?  It flew by for me and for good reason!  I had a successful weigh in at Slimming World on Monday where I hit a milestone and then totally treated myself to a Toffee Crisp on the way home which was gorgeous!  I blogged about my brilliant Tuesday here which then had me awake half the night as I kept playing it over in my noggin, so Wednesday was spent as a zombie.  Joanne and I went to the relaunch of Rimmel's sunshimmer which was great craic and look, it's the weekend again!

As I'm on a self imposed spending ban, I'm afraid to read blogs as they're full to the brim of things I want to buy but don't need one bit.  And yet I have a list below....

1. I'm a Topshop makeup virgin but now want to pop my cherry after seeing Fleur de Force's post on their gloss inks.  Oh holy Moses these look gorgeous and although she shade she's rocking is way too dark for me, I still want it.  So now I can't go into Topshop.

2. Orla from Make Up Over Mind had me in stitches with her post spilling the secrets on things her boyfriend says!  I won't ruin it for you by going into too much detail, but go forth and read.  And she gets extra points for putting a Benedict Cumberbatch gif in it!

3. Aisling and I have a relationship where we enable each other to equal measures.  But she's won this round with her preview of Wet n Wild which just launched it Ireland to much secrecy.  I mean we knew it was coming, but poof it's already in shops now!  She picked up some bits in Dunnes and now I can't go into Dunnes for fear I shall go wild, wet n' wild!  See what I did there?  Le sigh.  Read this post at your peril.

4. As a sucker for all things coral, and if they have the word coral in the name then they get bonus points, I knew resistance was futile when I saw this stunning Dior blush over on Temptalia.... Oh I want it so much... It is quite possibly the perfect coral blush I've ever seen in my whole life and I don't think I'd ever need another blush as long as I live.  (Until the next perfect one comes along.)  I need to start saving now eh?  I actually don't know how I'm going to be without this.....

Finally, one of my favourite YouTubers is Sharon Farrell, an Irish makeup artist living in Australia.  Sharon (are ye alright Shard'n? Couldn't help that) is so talented, makes everything look so easy and explains everything really well so that the likes of moi has a chance to be able to do the makeup look.  I'm definitely going to try this one, Effortlessly sexy makeup tutorial.  Sure that's me all over!  Go subscribe to her and tell her I sent you!

Now, I just have two more things to tell you.  Firstly, you know Joanne's fella Will (or Will from The Bake Off as we like to torment him with)?  Well he's got some great things lined up over the coming months that you can check out for yourself here on his blog.  He's going to be a busy bee, but sure he's well able and if you want to learn how to make bread or fancy French cake-y things, then sign up through his blog and then feel free to send me samples of things wot you baked.

Finally.  This post written by Rosanne from Like Mam Used to Bake is quite possibly the most beautiful, touching piece I've read in ages.  It gets me every single time I've read it (about seven times so far) and it makes me think of dad and what he's missing in our lives right now.  Just lovely to read.

So that's it.  This week was a biggie and hopefully next week will be a bit quieter, but who knows what's in store!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Cheers Mrs, so glad people enjoyed it! He's only delighted with himself! :)

  2. Sharon is amazing best irish mua on yt


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