Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Favourite Five #6

I don't know about you but this week flew by in a blur and all I'm thinking about is my Saturday lie on, which will have happened by the time you're reading this.  I don't even care if I wake up at 6 because the fact I'll be able to turn over for a second snooze is the business.

Anyway, after my complete and utter breakdown when it came to my spending ban, culminating in these here video that was very well received (phew) and the fact that Mags didn't kill me, I spent most of this week trying not to read blogs in case I'd be filled with the want and the need for all of the things.  But that was short lived and it wasn't too long before I was back to my old ways, making lists of things I want, but I promise, I haven't bought anything!

So here are the posts that inspired me, made me start a new wish list and made me want to break the spending ban.  Which I won't do.  But I want to.  But I won't.

Samantha from All the Buzz wrote a brave and honest post about living with Bipolar and it'll definitely help raise awareness, so well done Sam for being so open.  Fair play to you.

Oh Kat from Dolly Rouge, why did you have to post about the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Radiant Magenta after I decided that I only needed the one?  And why does it look so gorgeous in your photos and on your face?  Why Kat, whyyyyy you do this to meeeeee?

See it's posts like this one that's the reason I've a makeup stash as big as I do.  Sinead from The Beautiful Truth is giving her top 10 products under €10 and it shows that there'd good reason to have a wander around Boots "for a look".  Ahem.  There are bargains to be had and I'm not partaking in any shopping this month.  Promise...

British Beauty Blogger Jane whetted my appetite last week when she discovered the L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique Blur Cream whilst on a trip to France like you do.  She's only managed to get her hands on a tube of it and I'm mucho intrigued-o and if Jane is impressed, I've no doubt I will be too.  Hurry up and come to Ireland Magic Blur Cream, thanks very much.

This week's favourite YouTuber is none other than my fluffy pal Emma, of Fluff and Fripperies!  I've mentioned her millions of times here on the blog and in videos so this will come as no surprise to those of you who know me.  She makes me want to buy everything, is much more articulate than me in videos and in real life and yes, I might have screamed at her to get out of my car one night in a panic when I was dropping her home and we were having the chats, then a car came up behind us and I panicked, I'm sorry fluffy Emma!  Sitting watching her videos is like sitting chatting to her, so if you're looking for a new beauty obsessed friend, look no further than her blog and YouTube channel. Subscribe so that she keeps making videos and we have plans to do collaborations in my beauty room (box room)!



  1. My work here is done. Muahahaha! x

  2. i just subcribed to her :)

  3. great list of bloggers and youtubers. I've read all those posts and I'm subscribed to all those channels. So hard to be on a spending ban and read just makes you want the products more. Good on you for having will power, no way would I be able to do it ;)


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