Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Favourite Five #7

This week flew for me and yet so much happened that it felt like a long week too.  I'm happy it's the weekend now and next week will hopefully be a better one, with mam turning 60 and we've lots of celebrations happening for her!  We've gotten her some great pressies and will be booking New York very soon which gives me the squirts just thinking about it!

Ok so here are the posts that tested my spending ban to the very core this week.

As you know, Orla from Makeup Over Mind is one of my top enablers and if you missed it, make sure you check out our collaboration post earlier in the week that went down a storm!  Now, her Valentine's themed post was genius as she wrote about glowing makeup she loves, lusted over and is infatuated with.  Thanks Orla.  Now I want that Milani baked blush.  Sake.

I'm a lover of all things gimmicky and tacky, so it was only fitting that I fell in love with these cuticle tattoos from Ciate as shown here on British Beauty Blogger.  This post not only made me want the tattoos, but I fell hard for the nail polish Jane's wearing in the post and now I want it.  As I'm typing this, I'm looking up more swatches of it to see if I need it and I do.  I big fat do.

I'm trying not to read reviews that have anything to do with the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray.  Then I read Simone's post on that and a new to me product, Maui Wowie by Philip B over on her blog, Simone Loves Makeup.  When a fellow blogger mentions having a near religious experience, you know it's got to be something good so now I want to try both of those products once I save some more spondoolies.  Damn you Simone and your gorgeous full, textured, voluminous hair.

Oh Pixiwoo why... Why did you have to show me swatches of the Too Faced Chocolate Box palette? One of my bestest enablers and all round generous bridie, Aoife, who sent me lovely Bath & Body Works products before Christmas asked me if I wanted one of these bad boys as she's in the States at the moment and is most likely keeping Sephora in business by herself!  I had to painfully decline as I'm trying to be good and even though it's much cheaper over there, I had to resist.  And also resist looking at more photos of the palette.

One of my absolute favourite YouTubers is Becky from TalkBeckyTalk.  I swear to you, every single time I watch one of her videos, she instantly puts me in a better mood and then make me want to have a cup of tea.  If you watch her videos, you'll know why!  She's upbeat, positive, always smiling and knows her beauty stuff.  And also, I want her to come and redecorate my house thank you very much.  I'll pay her in tea!  Go and subscribe to her if you haven't already, then come back and thank me for introducing her to you.

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  1. I *may* not have been as restrained when Aifs asked me...
    In my defence, both together were €58, Debenhams are charging €63 for Too Faced ALONE! #mademoney


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