Thursday, February 20, 2014

Origins GinZing Brightening mascara review, before & after photos

As someone who needs to wear mascara no matter what, otherwise my eyes look like dots, I often find myself asking people what mascara they're wearing, especially when they've mahoosive lashes.

Chloe, the PR for Origins has quite possibly the longest lashes I've ever seen on a human being and more often than not, I find myself talking to her lashes instead of to her.  I think she finally realised that I'm a big eyelash watching weirdo after meeting her last month and she sent me the mascara she uses, Origins GinZing Brightening mascara.

The wand is huge.  Massive.  Biggest wand I've ever let near my eyeball.

The formula is one of the Goldilocks variety, not too wet and not too dry, but because the brush is so humungous, it picks up a lot of product, so I generally have to scrape the top off a little bit.  The brush combs through my lashes easily, giving lift and separation.

Now, GinZing gives me fantastic length, one of the biggest things for me when it comes to mascara.  It doesn't give masses of volume compared to other mascaras but as it's not promising to give lots of volume, I ain't mad at it.  Lift and curl generally comes second in terms of importance and with this mascara, I get those in equal measures too.

It's one of those mascaras that make my lashes so lifty and curly that they hit off my upper eyelid and leave weeny dots of product.  Listen girlfriend, I'll completely overlook having to get rid of those weeny dots if it gives me killer lashes and it does.  Ok, maybe not killer.  Nobody is going to die because of my lashes, but you get what I mean.  A quick tip for that is to let it completely dry and then it'll flake right off with a cotton bud.

The only downside is because the brush is so big, I can't do my lower lashes without making a mess.  Things like that don't bother me when I'm doing a darker eye and I've shadow under the lower lashes, but for days where I only have time for mascara on my eyes, it can look like I've done it in the car on the way to work.  If I'm careful, I can apply it without much of a mess and it's not enough of an issue to stop me from using it.  I don't know if it brightens my eyeballs so I can't comment on the brightening aspect of it, but I do know that one coat gives me delicious lashes and two coats gives me proper going out at night lashes.  You mascara fiends know what I mean.

Also while we're on the mahoosive brush, because I have to scrape the product off the brush before applying it to the lashes, no two days are the same lash-wise.  I had an amazing day last week where I applied one coat and it was perfect, then added a second coat to the outer corners and it was lash perfection.  On other days I can have just nice lashes, it's all the luck of the draw, but I'm working on a system that I can use every day and will keep you posted.  The joys of being a mascara monster eh?

The Origins GinZing Brightening mascara is €21.50 and is available on Origins counters now.  If you're looking for a blacker than black mascara, that doesn't make your lashes feel crispy or look clumpy and are well able to handle a big wand near your eyeball, then definitely check this one out.


  1. This looks nice on, gives volume but still looks natural!

  2. I love this mascara! Had one ages ago and really liked it! Now that I've seen it on you I want it again ;)

    alex @


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