Tuesday, March 18, 2014

L'Oreal Color Riche The Topcoats collection is here to dazzle your eyeballs - Disco Ball & Gold Leaf

Whoever invented glitter needs a medal and whoever thought about putting it into nail polish, well that deserves a pint.  Or seven.  Glitter polishes are the bane of my life and yet I'm obsessed with them.  Trying to remove them is a pain, but I ignore that when I'm looking for something to give me a bit of sparkle and know that ultimately, they're totally worth the effort.

L'Oreal have a new collection of topcoats out, two of which are tweeds (lots of bits that look like minus signs in a clear base to you and me), and the other two I have to show you today.  Also, having created a disco room for the polish's photoshoot, I would now like the walls of my spare room to look like this!

Disco Ball, well it's pretty self explanatory isn't it?  But look at it in all it's silvery glittery shimmery holographic-y amazingness....  And Gold Leaf is exactly that.  Bits of gold suspended in a clear base, all ready to add a bit of 24k goodness to your manicure.

Disco Ball is a more densely packed glitter polish, having tiny bits of glitter and larger hexagonal chunks to add more texture and drama to the look.  Gold Leaf needs a bit more work as it can be easy to apply the gold and take it off, all in one stroke, so my advice is to try to place the brush on the nail rather than dragging it along.  This would look amazing over a black polish, but also adds interest to a pale base coat.

Joanne's hen night is coming up soon and I think I'll be bringing these with me to do everyone's nails with because if there's one night you can get away with all the glittery things, it's a hen night!

€7.49 is the damage and these sparkly beauts will bring out your inner magpie and blind anyone if they're not wearing sunglasses around 'em.


  1. Gorgeous sparkles!

  2. Lovely photos K and the polishes are amazing - hope you're fully recovered now from your flu x

  3. Love the gold leaf! Looks super pretty over the nude base too. x


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