Tuesday, March 25, 2014

L'Oreal True Match foundation review - before & after photos

For ages, I've watched the gorgeous Lauren Curtis use the L'Oreal True Match foundation and have been meaning to try it out because when a makeup junkie says something is their holy grail product, you take note.  Then when Amelia Liana said it was a dupe for Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, all reasoning went out the window and I bought it!

There were no testers on display in the Tesco I was in, so I had to hope for the best and chose N1, a neutral toned shade.  The other lightest ones were pinky toned and yellow toned, so in terms of shade selection, they've lots so you will most definitely find the right shade.  Just go somewhere that has testers!  N1 looks so light on the back of my hand and when I first apply it to my face, but once I blend in, it's a grand match.

True Match promises to match the colour and texture of your skin and gives a medium coverage.  Despite it's thick consistency, it feels lightweight on the skin and looks nice on the skin if you're standing at least 6 feet away from me and aren't wearing your glasses.

Oh lads I didn't like this at all.  I've tried it with and without primers, with and without setting sprays and can't get it to work properly on my skin for the life of me.  I have combination skin with normal cheeks and an oily t-zone and somehow this made my whole face look dry.  It clung to dry patches I didn't know I had and decided to apply for residence in every single pore I have on my face.  In the photo below you might be able to see dry patches that appeared under my eye and the eleven million pores I have on the side of my nose and seemed to highlight pores that would usually go unnoticed.

Each time I've tried it, it seems to settle into every nook, cranny and fine line on my face, even my forehead which is the smoothest part of my face!

This is what it does to my schnoz every single time....  Even if I've exfoliated, used my Clarisonic and moisturised the living bajaysis out of my face, it still cakes so much and it just won't do what I want it to do.  I can only imagine what it'd look like on someone with dry skin!

My advice?  Pick up the Nude Magique Eau De Teint instead which gives a natural yet flawless finish and makes it look like you just have gorgeous skin.  And if this is supposed to be like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk then I don't think I'll be giving that a go either but you can't win 'em all!  It might work perfectly for you but I had to let you know how I got on with it and let the photos speak for themselves.

'Tis a shame.  Not a True Match pour moi.


  1. It definitely won’t suit my dry skin so, great review Karen!

  2. Thanks for another great review- love that you are so honest in your reviews karen which is why i read your blog pretty much every day! Think Ill stick to my beloved bourjous healthy mix so..

  3. It does the exact same thing to my face!!! Not getting on with it AT ALL - at least I now know it's not me!

  4. I used to use this foundation when I didn't have a clue about foundation quality. it's awful. my skin used to drink it in.

  5. Hi Karen & Joanne,

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog, please see my latest post for details, enjoy! :)


    Jess xx

  6. Ugh I hate products like this!! And I know how good your skin normally is with foundations so this would make my face look like the sahara!

  7. Oh, that is such a shame!!! :( I was looking forward to trying this but I have loads of dry patches so I'd say it'll be a huge NO for me as well :/ I tried the Lumi Magique on my hand and really liked it. And it has rose gold packaging!!! Maybe I'll just go for that one instead... :P

    alex @ http://pinkelephantbloggin.com

  8. oh this would look like pure rubbish on my skin, if it's like that on yours. i agree nude magique is great

  9. Not for me so, my nose is drier than a Nun's fandango. I love cake, but not on my face ;-) Excellent review!

  10. It ALWAYS does this to my nose too! So frustrating because I really thought this little'un had potential. Ah well! Great review :) x

    Aisling http://www.bl0ssombeauty.blogspot.ie/

  11. ! I thought I was just weird when I couldn't get this "super blendable" stuff to do just that! The nose thing happened to me too! I feel a bit better, but it still doesn't solve my foundation problem :( Any reqs for the same colour, different formula? (other than the other L'oreal product- I seem to have issues with the brand itself!)

  12. Thank goodness for an honest review, I am so glad I checked this post out! I nearly bought this at the weekend. Glad I saved my cash. I have nude Magique and do like it very much, it works well with the L'Oreal Lumi serum, for a glowing finish. x

  13. I love this review! I don't understand they hype surrounding this foundation - it has the consistency of chalk and clings to every flaw imaginable.



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