Friday, March 7, 2014

My Sephora wish list!

So yes, as I mentioned earlier in the week, Sephora is now shipping to the UK and because of Parcel Motel, we can get our Sephora fix.  This is a good thing and a bad thing.  Good because we now have access to brands like Tarte, Bite, Marc Jacobs and Sephora's own brand and bad because now we have access to brands like Tarte, Bite, Marc Jacobs and Sephora's own brand.  Bye bye all of my money.

One of my hobbies in life is to peruse Sephora's website and pick out things I want.  No worries about money, availability or any such nonsense.  I could spend hundreds of dollars in minutes and all from the comfort of my sofa and fleece blanket.  Before I go to New York, I always spend ages in the three weeks coming up to the trip saving photos of products I want to try out when I'm there, and when we go this November, it'll be no different and I can't wait!

So I went online and pretended I was shopping for bits and decided to show you the things I'd buy if a) I had money, b) I wasn't worried about taxes and duties and c) if I could go hog wild on a website and it felt amazing!

My Sephora wish list

So the top row from left to right is Sephora Double Contouring Cream Blush $16.  I think this would make me happy and am all about cream blushes.  Marc Jacobs Beauty Lovemarc Matte Lip Gel Lips $30 and Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion Lip Ink $10.  I've not heard anything about these guys and so of course I want to try them.  Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation $26 is a powder foundation I've read a bit about online and as I haven't tried many powder foundations, it's probably for the best I try this one wouldn't you say?  Speaking of foundations, this Sephora Collection Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation $19 is definitely something I'm going to try when I'm in New York because it's supposed to be a fantastic dupe of the Dior foundation and I'm all about dupes, so it's a necessary purchase.

In the middle we have the Sephora Collection Lips in Bloom Glossy Lip Pencil Trio $18 and come on, you know me and glossy lip pencils.  And if you look properly, you'll see a coral in the middle and a nude on the right.  So moi.  Again, more lips and more Tarte and this time it's the Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick $12.  How cute is the packaging and it sounds like it'd be right up my street in terms of texture and finish.  Yes, these will be mine.  I've bought little palettes like the Sephora Collection Color Bronze Palette $15 before and the pigmentation has always been great and make grand stocking stuffers.  I know, I'm getting prepared early.  

On the bottom is this stunning Sephora & Pantone Universe Elemental Energy Eye palette $28 and holy moly this speaks to me.  It says "Karen, go on and buy me, you know you want to, we deserve to be together and I would look so good on your eyeballs."  This next product was a given but also a little surprise for me because ever since the Marc Jacobs Beauty collection launched last year, I thought I wanted the Lolita palette but when picking one tonight, I went for The Starlet just because it has some more interesting shades than the neutral heavy Lolita palette.  Look at me, I'm all growed up not picking something I have a million of already!  Finally is the Sephora Collection MicroSmooth Baked Blush Duo $17 and I do love a good baked blush.  This one needs to be on my face now wouldn't you agree?  Yep.  Thought so.

And those would be my picks.  You'll probably have guessed I had many more products but alas, this is all that would fit into my collage, so were my absolute must haves.  All eleven of them.  I love makeup.  The end.

What's on your Sephora wish list?  Come on and enable me!


  1. glad it was only cursing you gave up for lent lol! and not makeup

    1. Could you imagine??? The horror of giving up makeup!!

  2. They are so cheeky with the 75quid having to be before tax! To be honest, i have always found Sephora rather expensive for brands that we can readily get here, though it doesn't stop me visiting any time i am in Paris for a browse, i just never know what other brands are worth it. The above list has definitely given me inspiration though and i do see a shopping basket being created in the near future!

    1. I know, I'm going to be strong (for now) and save up for when I'm in a Sephora (or five) at the end of the year ;)

  3. That's so funny you posted this Karen!! I'm in the middle of making one as my mam is off to Florida next week and she will be carting back a big haul for me!! So far I have the hourglass powder, tarte cheek tint and palette and some limited edition Sephora palettes. I'm trying to stick to under $200 but am failing so far!!

    1. Now if that's not a sign, I don't know what is! And don't limit yourself to $200 ;P

  4. That baked blush looks just like on eof the new MAC ones! I talk about it here..

  5. You are dangerous woman!! I own none of these...which is unusual as I have put a decent dent in Sephora over the last few months. My recommendations from what I've tried are:

    - Tarte Be Mattenificent palette. I...just...LOVE IT
    - Bite Lip mask is really nicve. I really like their lipsticks too
    - Buxom Full Bodied lipsticks (I have 2 and use them so often) Their lip creams are gorgeous glosses too.
    - Tarte Lip Surgence - amazing!!
    - Josie Maran skin care - the oil is beautiful
    - Kat Von D lipsticks are gorgeous - I've had strangers ask me what I had on!

    I am eyeing up the Becca highlighters and the Clinique blushes (not sephora required!)

    The Formula X nail polishes look great too.

    I've also done something new...oh actually I've done it twice. I RETURNED something! SEPHORA? Madness! I sent back Hourlglass Diffused Heat due to the amount of glitter in it.!

  6. Given the range of makeup on sephora that list is actually quite restrained! When I'm doing my wishful thinking browsing I'd tend to get a lot more carried away. One of the things I particularly like the look of is all the 'Value sets' they offer with combos of products that are way cheaper than buying the products separately or with a selection of minis so you can try out stuff before you go for the full size.

  7. Ahhh! Karen, why can't I have more money?? Had to read this with my eyes half-closed... Gonna put a similar wish list together before my trip to the US!


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