Sunday, March 9, 2014

Slimming World #10 - Losing the mojo

With all the diet plans I've done so far, and I've pretty much done them all, when I lose my mojo, it can be hard to get back on track.  It can be tiring thinking of what to eat all the time.  Sometimes you just want to stop thinking and just eat whatever you want and you know what, there are days where I do just that.  We can't stay positive and motivated all the time and that's ok.

I started blogging about my Slimming World journey because I wanted to be able to look back over it and see how far I've come and I'm really enjoying writing about it all.  It was my way of inspiring others, but mainly to keep myself motivated!  Over the past few weeks I've taken it easy on the plan.  I haven't followed it properly and although I hit another milestone, my progress was slow.

I let myself get complacent but finally hitting that milestone was enough to get me back on track which can be so hard at the best of times.  It's easy to stay positive and motivated when the numbers go down and seeing the scale dropping is enough to keep me going.  It's the weeks where I maintain or have a small loss that I get annoyed, but only have myself to blame.  I've a few things that keep me going and keep me on track and I thought I'd share them with you.

Last summer I bought a couple of pairs of trousers that are now huge on me.  I knew I needed some new ones but am trying to save a few bob and was holding off on buying more.  Then I remembered that I'd put new trousers away about two years ago as none of them fit me.  I rooted them out and tried them on, all 7 pairs!  Two were too big for me and five fit me only grand!  I didn't think they were going to close because the last time I tried them on, they wouldn't close by a mile.  So that was an amazing feeling and not only did I save money, but it was enough of a visual to get me all giddy again.

Looking back at old photos of me last year and photos now shows a huge difference, especially in my face.  When I'm looking in the mirror every day, I don't see the differences, so it's nice that I have eleven million photos of myself thanks to the blog!

Last weekend, Joanne and I went shopping with our cousins and ended up in Heatons, for a look don't you know.  Well, I saw a fabulous neon coral chunky knit jumper and immediately picked up the extra large size, as is customary for me.  Well, it looked to be way too big and I ended up getting the large which fits perfectly!  Little things like that make me happy.  I can't wait to be able to go shopping in Penneys or Zara and be able to fit into anything, but I'm getting there!

When I'm being all meh with the diet, I make myself think about why I'm doing it.

  • I want to be healthier.
  • I want to be able to go shopping and not automatically look at the clothes at the back of the rail which are the biggest ones.
  • I want to look lovely in Joanne's wedding photos.
  • I want to have confidence in how I look.
  • I want to be able to say proudly that I'm a beauty blogger and not be worried that people are saying to themselves "Really, you?".
  • I want to be more confident on the YouTubes.
  • I want to lose the double chin.
  • I want to be able to wear dresses and skirts this summer and not worry about the tops of my legs chafing!
  • I want to not cringe when my photo is being taken at an event by the same photographer I always run away from.
  • I want to be able to go shopping in New York at the end of the year and come back with lots of clothes and not just makeup.
  • I don't want to feel like the fat one in a group of people.
  • I want to not feel like I've to cover myself up which sounds rude and all but you know what I mean!
  • I want to be proud of myself for setting a goal and reaching it.
How do you keep motivated and inspired when you're feeling meh?  Give me some tips!


  1. You can do it Karen! Your progress is so visible, maybe because i dont see you everyday i can notice all the major changes. Keep it up! xxx

  2. I would say if you embark on a Moore healthy. Eating lifestyle rather than a diet you will enjoy more success and your mojo will remain where it should. If you can learn all about food and what's good and what's not then you can forget all about counting this and counting that. It's a more workable approach. Really well written piece. Congrats xx

  3. I'm not on any particular weight loss aim (I'm 16 and a size 8-10, I have no need to really!) but I am very self concious about my stomach, as thanks to genetics, thats where I carry any of my weight. I tend to get really bloated if I eat badly and my confidence is on the floor. I'm a huge lover of cooking, and if it's healthy as well, it's just an added bonus. I really recommend checking out great for all types of all purpose, vegan, healthy and wholesome meals. From breakfast to dessert, she's got you covered and her recipes are seriously yum. Her baked breakfast oatmeal tastes like cake, but healthy! Being excited about food keeps me motivated to be healthy. Good luck and fair play to you!

  4. I find trying out new foods and recipes really helpful, it means you don't get bored. I've made the pea curry you recommended a couple of times this week, its really nice.

  5. Oh Karen!!!! This is like looking at myself in the mirror. I started WW in October 2012, it's now March 2014 and I'm still going to the class every week. I've lost 2 and 1/2 stone so far and have been 'stuck' since last summer. I've ten pounds to go to my 'recommended WW weight', although I told myself I'd get to a 3 stone loss (at which point I'd be 11st 3lbs) and see how I feel. I was a size 18-20, and now I'm a 14 (sometimes 12 depending on what item of clothing it is).

    Of course when you start doing the slimming programmes, your body is shocked into it, and you're going from zero to 100% with regard eating differently and exercising. Naturally, the weight shoots off quick and fast. But as time goes on, it gets much harder. Your body gets used to the food and exercise and then says 'Alright, I'm bored of this, what else ya got for me?', and here's where we all lose our way. Since last summer I have bounced between about 4/5 pounds, I lose a pound one week, up two the next week, down two the next week, stay the same the next week and so on.I haven't managed to get beyond 11st 9lbs. I have been so frustrated, but I know it's my own fault for having the sneaky treats. I openly admit I'm not as strict on myself as I was at the beginning. As I always say, you cant be good all the time, Life gets in the way and you have to just run with it.

    I have had people say 'maybe the weight you are now, is the weight you are meant to be'....and it's an interesting point, something to think about! I was a happy and confident size 18-20, and even got my kit off for a 'real women' shoot with a well known Irish magazine, and now I still feel as confident and lovely as I did. I lost the weight from a health point of view, I wanted to be healthier, eat better foods, get interested in exercise and wanted to reduce my risk of developing diabetes which has hit three generations of my family.

    It's ok to get frustrated and demotivated with it Karen, happens to us all. I read a quote recently that said 'if you want to lose it bad enough, you will'. Keep going! You're doing an amazing job and you are as gorgeous now as you were then. Make sure you keep all those curves, they are the most important part in my eyes :)

    P.s. in the process of starting my own beauty blog, and LOVE Lovely Girlie Bits for reviews and inspiration ( and daily giggles) :)

  6. You look fabulous Karen! Well done! I generally keep myself motivated by having something to look forward to every week - be it going to the cinema, having a browse in the shops, meeting a friend for tea or even sitting down for an hour to paint my nails!

  7. I'm currently going through a body transformation challenge and I was feeling very meh this week. my trainer told me it's normal to hit a slump. I find progress photos help. if you can compare how you look now with how you were before you started it is motivation to keep going!


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