Thursday, April 3, 2014

New earrings from Penneys and Warehouse

I don't wear earrings that often but have decided that it's high time I do so.  I think half of my issue is that I have teeny weeny ears and am afraid if I wear anything too big or heavy that I'll end up weighing them down and having big droopy earlobes.  So here is a wee little earring haul and I love them all so much!

When we were in town on Saturday, we had a mosey in Penneys and I saw these beauts which are colourful, light and cheap.  All of my favourite things.

I love these turquoise statement earrings and I think the statement they make is "Ooh hello, I'm perfect for spring, will go with your coral jumper and other such colourful things and will make you look tanned, once you fake tan that is".  They were €3, so an absolute bargain and I'll get lots of wear out of them this spring and summer.

Then I caught sight of these beauts and they're smaller statement earrings, so their smaller statement is "I'm peachy coral, you love me, the end".  And it's true, I do.  A piddly €2 is all they cost and again, they're light, they're my favourite colour and have I mentioned they're peachy coral?

We had a look in Warehouse as Joanne was trying to find a dress for her hen night on Saturday and I found myself at the earrings again which is weird because I never look at jewellery when I'm in town, but had obviously lost the run of myself after buying the other two pairs that morning.  I saw these teeny weeny studs and instantly feel in love with them.  I love that they're not set in any gold or silver and are so delicate and pretty.  When it came to deciding whether to buy them or not, I think the clincher was when Joanne said "Ah get them, they'll open up your holes again" where we both went purple with the laughter.  She of course meant my ear holes, nothing else, but it was the perfect "That's What She Said" moment and I happily handed over my €7 for them.

So three new pairs of earrings.  I can't wait to adorn my lobes with these stunners in public.  In the confines of my house, they look great!

So tell me, where else does nice earrings like these?


  1. They're all gorgeous - I want all 3 pairs! Giggling at the reopening of the holes here on the bus like a mad lady x

  2. Love them!! The pink ones are especially gorgeous! Will be looking them up when I'm in Penney's next time for sure. What a bargain! x

    alex @


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