Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The month that was March

I feel like March flew by and I also feel like I said that about February too!  It was a wonky month and one I'm glad to have behind me.  So here are the highlights of le month wot was March

We took mam to see Dance 'Till Dawn with Flavia Cacahhe and Vincent Simone as part of her continued birthday celebrations!  Holy moses it was brilliant and totally made me want to learn to dance, even though all I can do is the robot and they Joey Tribbiani dance!  Amazing show and I'd go and see it again and again!

I got The Actual Flu - not a cold masquerading as the flu.  Holy moses it knocked me sideways and took me ages to get over, but I'm back to myself now.

We reached 1000 subscribers on YouTube which is amazing, so thank you so much to everyone who watches our videos and laughs because that's the aim!

I got to meet the team at Alpha-H and have overhauled my skincare routine thanks to the products.  Proper reviews are coming soon!  I'd been wanting to try out the Alpha-H Liquid Gold for ages so the timing was perfect!

I learned the secret of Avene and will be sharing it with you soon!  After the event, I went for much needed laughs, chats and food with Mags of Emerald Eyeliner.  We'd a lovely time and spent the duration talking about makeup and saying things like "Ooh did you see that new palette, ooh did you see Tarte is on QVC"

I'd one of the busiest bloggy days with going into work early so I could leave early to run into town. And stupidly, I left my phone at home so had to get Joanne to check my emails and see where I was to meet everyone.  Note to self, keep my planner with me at all times and learn people's phone numbers!

I got a whiff some some gorgeous new perfumes coming out soon, learned about Aveda and all it's delicously smelling products and got to check out the new products coming from Bourjois very soon!

I got lots of Hen Night related things done this month and will be showing them to you next week as the big night is this Saturday!  We have lots of treats and surprises for Joanne and we're all going to have a great time, especially her!

We got shortlisted for the Bops awards under Best Beauty Read, so if you enjoy le blog, feel free to give us your vote here!

So that was March.  April is gearing up to be super busy and we'll be back with lots of new videos.  I'm contemplating vlogging part of Joanne's Hen Night if you'd be interested?  Any takers??!


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