Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bourjois Cream Blush Sun - Shades 05 Pink Sunwear & 06 Tropical Coral, review & photos

Last summer, I fell in love with the Bourjois Cream to Powder blushes and now that it's summer again, my love for them has been reignited.  I love the finish that they leave on my skin and as the weather gets hotter, so does my face and these stay put all day.  Nobody likes their blush to slide down their faces to become a blushy beard.

So when I heard Bourjois had brought out two new summer shades this year, I bought them without hesitation and without swatching.  I know.  That's faith there.  George Michael would have been proud with that faith.  There are two Cream Blush Sun blushes, shade 05, Pink Sunwear and shade 06, Tropical Coral.  You know me and my corals.

These guys contain the same cream to blush formula as last year's releases and like the other 4 blushes, are a dream to work with and really are foolproof.  I like using a synthetic brush to apply and blend them out and if you're on the go, using your fingers is also a grand option.  Especially if you like to carry a lot of products around with you like moi.

 Bourjois Cream Blush Sun - Shade 05 - Pink Sunwear
Pink Sunwear is a hard one to describe.  It's a light brown shade with slight pink undertones to it and very light shimmer running through it that gives the most gorgeous glow to the skin once you blend it out.  It's subtle, warms up the skin nicely and catches the light beautifully.  For pale bridies, this is a bronzer/blush that will give you a really natural sun kissed look.  Lurve it.

Bourjois Cream Blush Sun - Shade 05 - Pink Sunwear
Tropical Coral looks psychedelic in the pot but I do love a bright blush so I do.  It's warmer than Pink Sunwear and leans more terracotta than coral, but it's stunning on with a tan lads.   It warms up my visage nicely and this teamed with some bronze eyeshadow and I'm good to go.

Bourjois Cream Blush Sun - Shade 06 - Tropical Coral
Bourjois Cream Blush Sun - Shade 06 - Tropical Coral
Products like these are great for travelling because they're small, you don't need a brush and are a 2 in 1 cheek product and are well worth the €10.49 price tag.  It's why I have 6 in my stash and the more they bring out, the more I'll buy.

A summer must have in my book folks!


  1. I want them too, thanks for the reminder :). Coral obsession for life!

  2. They both look fab!!! Getting myself to Boots immediately!!!

    Alex | Pink Elephant Blog

  3. Beautiful! What mascara are you wearing?
    Could you do a post/video about Dublin (shopping for beauty, eating...)? I'm going there in October, i know you talk about it all the time but it would be nice to have everything in one place. Thanks

    Reader from Croatia

  4. Both shades look great on you. I like the first blush more :)


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