Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Joanne & Will's wedding - Part 2 - behind the scenes!

First of all, we need to talk about The Child of Prague that kept the rain away all day apart from when we were in the church!  Mam has had it for about 50 years and it's teeny tiny.  If it's an inch tall that's it but it did the job and considering the weather forecast that day, we really were blessed.

The day started by Joanne getting her leg over on the way up to the Bridal Suite in Clonabreany!  The main gate was closed so we climbed over the wall and got stuck in to breakfast.

We tried to force feed her more than a slice of watermelon as we pretended we were in Downton Abbey in the fancy schmancy breakfast room!  Her nerves were starting to show a bit because she couldn't eat much at all and anyone who knows Joanne knows she can't resist a chocolate croissant!

Time for hair and makeup!  I've a video clip showing Joanne Larby making our Joanne all gorgeous so stay tuned for that.  This is the hair master Christian Shannon putting the final touches to Joanne's hair.  She bought two sparkly hair clips because she couldn't choose between them, so one sat just on top of the mini bun so when she took the veil off, she'd still have some bling.

Then he put the other clip on top of the veil and it was perfect.  I'm telling you folks, if you want an absolute genius to look after you and your hair either for a wedding or for normal life, Christian in Brown Sugar South William Street is your only man.

While we were in the bridal suite getting ready, Will and his dad were in the marquee setting up the cake..... A macaron tower and the best chocolate biscuit cake I've ever eaten in my life.  Seriously, he's going to have to do a blog post on it because it was outstanding and sure we didn't expect anything else from the Master Baker!

After the ceremony, we all headed back to Clonabreany and there was an ice cream van waiting for us!  Vantastic Vintage not only looked so cute set up in the courtyard, but they had the best ice cream and it hit the spot while everyone had the chats and listened to Sean Boland singing his heart out!  Two points, I would like to have this ice cream van in my back garden at all times and would like to hire Sean Boland to just sing to me.  Yes.  He sang from when we got back to the house and all through dinner and he was fan-blood-tastic.  There was swaying, singing and laughs throughout the whole thing and everyone said he was brilliant.

Ice cream makes Joanne crazy - motor boating Claire!
Bailey walking with his uncle
The marquee in Clonabreany was perfect.  Joanne had chosen the coloured lanterns to go with the colour scheme and it was all just so beautiful...

We ate all the delicious food and didn't take a single photo of anything, just videos, so watch out for that and then the speeches and dancing started!  We had to hand it to Sean Boland because he finished up, my brother Stephen gave his speech where there were some problems with the microphone and Sean saved the day, setting his sound equipment back up so the others could do their speeches.  Needless to say Will got stuck into it!

Men men men men, menly men men
Then it was time for the dancing and general shenanigans!

Joanne had ordered props for us to don and look fabulous in like wigs and glasses and also bought a bunch of inflatable saxophones, guitars and microphones that quickly turned into weapons as we pretended we were on Gladiators and just bate the crap out of each other!

The band, Spring Break, were brilliant!  If you love your 80s music, then you're in great hands and four days later, my voice is still croaky from all the singing!  We danced our little hearts out and some of us are still feeling the effects of having moves like Jagger without proper stretching and warming up!

It was nearly a battle to the death for the bouquet!!
And that was it folks!  We all had the best time ever and while we're all going through the photos here in grey Ireland, the two newlyweds are living it up on their honeymoon!

Thanks Joanne and Will for having the best wedding ever and we all send you lots of love while you're sunning yourselves and having a well deserved break in Sicily!


  1. Love all the special little touches! A beautiful day, a beautiful bride and a beautiful chief bridesmaid! X

  2. Everything and everyone looks just fabulous, a really wonderful day!! Thanks for the photos!! Congrats again to the bride and groom!!

  3. Hi there, I have been enjoying your blog for ages, but I don’t think I’ve ever commented. I just wanted to say a belated congratulations to Joanne and your whole family and what looks like a great wedding. From Christy in Sydney xxxx

  4. Looks like a lovely day, I hope they're enjoying the honeymoon :) And I love Spring Break, they're amazing!

  5. looks like a fun day! congrats to the bride and groom! can you give me an idea as to how large the lanterns were and how they were hung? i'm having a wedding in a marquee and going to do this myself but not sure how to go about it. any ideas and/or help is greatly appreciated!

  6. Aww!!! What a beautiful day, Joanne looks fab her hair was gorgeous! I love the lanterns in the marquee. Wishing them a very long and happy marriage xxx


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