Thursday, June 19, 2014

New from Lush for summer 2014!

When a box of Lush goodies arrived at my house recently, I purposely left it wide open in the living room for a good 3 days so that I could enjoy the smell of everything each evening.  I know, it sounds weird, but I really do enjoy beauty products more than I should and they really should come out with a potpourri or something so that I can enjoy Lushy scents all the time.

This is what arrived but we have to have a little moment for the amazingly-named-but-broke-on-the-journey bath bomb "Granny Takes A Dip (€3.95)". 

RIP Granny bath bomb, you still smell amazing and I shall plop all of your broken bits into a bath very soon because despite being smashed, you still smell amazing.  It's got a spicy, citrusy scent thanks to ginger, pepper and lemon and will leave your bath all multicoloured so not only will it lift your mood with the scents, but it'll give your eyeballs a work out too.

Mangnificent soap (€5.25/100g) & Parsley Porridge soap (€5.25/100g)

For mornings where you need a bit of help waking up, the Mangnificent soap will give you that pep in your step thanks to it's blend of dried and fresh mango along with Tunisian neroli oil (you know I'm obsessed with all things neroli in the summer!) and fresh Sicilian lemon and mandarin oils.  When using this, you'll most likely be singing Wham's Wake Me Up Before You Go Go because that's what this soap does.

For those with oily acne prone skin, the Parsley Porridge Soap has thyme and tea tree oil which helps get rid of bacteria on the skin and also has porridge oats which gives the skin a deep clean by lifting dry and dead skin.

Zest hair gelly (€14.25/100g)

The Zest hair gelly smells good enough to eat, but try to resist slathering it on your toast.  The fragrance contains wild orange oil from the fruit, pettigrain oil from the twigs of the orange tree and neroli oil from the flowers of the orange tree, making it orange-tastic!  There also carrageenan extract too to help create texture.  I'm going to give this to someone who does stuff to their hair other than blowdrying it like me and see how they get on with it.

D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap (€6.70/100g)

As our legs will be on show more now that it's summer, the razors will be working full time and this shaving soap, D'Fluff, will de-fluff your legs in minutes.  It smells sweet and fruity and not only contains fresh strawberries, but also has Fair Trade Cocoa Butter and coconut oil that leaves your legs feeling smooth and soft after using it.  A little goes a long way with this and I'm even contemplating getting my legs out a little bit more thanks to it!  Oh and it can be used on men's faces so there's another reason to buy it.  Sharing is caring and all that!

African Paradise body conditioner (€24.95/245g)

I was so excited to give one of Lush's body conditioners a go and the newest one, African Paradise has a soft, subtle scent that doesn't interfere with any perfume I'm wearing that day.  But it's all about how it makes your skin feel with this baby and for those who are new to body conditioners, you use them in the shower, like you would a hair conditioner.  The idea is you wash your body with your usual shower gel or soap before applying a layer of this all over your skin before rinsing it off lightly.  I then like to pat my skin dry with a towel without being too forceful and what I'm left with is super soft, nourished skin and I didn't have to stand there for ages waiting for a body lotion or body butter to sink in!

It contains Fair Trade shea butter which softens the skin and moringa oil to brighten the skin.  As we're in to summer now and we're hopefully out in the sun more, having something like this with cooling aloe vera in it means that we can take extra care of our skin from the comfort of our shower.  We condition our hair all the time, so why not condition our body?  Despite the rich ingredients in it, African Paradise doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy and is a definite winner here at Girlie Towers.

All of these are available in stores now, so if you're looking for some new lovely Lush products, get your behind into your nearest shop and get sniffing, trying and buying.

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  1. I love lush, and this stuff looks totally amazing, I may get myself in there pronto!


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