Sunday, June 29, 2014

Slimming World Sunday - tips for new members

Recently, a good few people I know have started doing Slimming World and this warms the cockles of my heart.  As you know, I've had some great success with it so far and while I've a long way to go, I'm still enjoying it every day.  Two of my bloggy internet friends Sharon and Lee inspired me to write this little post and while I might be repeating some steps from previous posts, these are the tips that I tell everyone about when I'm explaining everything, so I thought it'd be worth repeating!

1.  Make a meal plan.
It can be as detailed or as vague as you like.  Having a meal plan means you'll have a shopping list and will only buy what you need.  This saves money and you'll need cash to buy new clothes as your current ones will be too big soon!

2. Download the app.
This is a great thing to have on hand when you're in the shops and it means you can make more informed decisions about what you're going to buy rather than buy something and just say "ah feck it" before scoffing it down.  Knowledge is power my friends, especially when you're trying to stick to plan.

3. Write everything down.
It's like the food equivalent of a financial statement in that if you want to see where your syns are going, then write it.  If you bite it, you write it.  And starting out, doing this is important because your head will be melted for the first couple of weeks getting everything organised in your noggin.

4. Make sure you're getting enough super free foods.
Let's be realistic.  You're not going to get super free on every plate.  So I make sure to have some fruit after my meal to help make sure I'm keeping up.

5. Drink lots of water.
I usually drink about 2 litres a day and find that when I drink less, I tend to get a little clogged up *ahem*.

6. Slimming World-ify your favourite meals.
I love dishes like cottage pie, lasagna and chicken curry and so rather than let myself get overwhelmed with having to make lots of new dishes, I like to take my favourites and adapt them so they're Slimming World friendly.

7. Take photos.
With the blog, I've eleven million photos of myself reviewing products and the same goes for YouTube videos.  I'm so glad I have all of these because when I look at myself in the mirror every day, it's hard to see changes, but when I look at photos of myself now beside photos from this time last year, the difference is insane.  So take photos, even of your face and just watch what happens each month1

8. If you have a bad day, draw a line under it and move on.
We're only human and yes, there are times where we're going to say feck it, and eat that slice of cake and you know what, enjoy it.  No good can come from eating it and feeling guilty afterwards.  If I end up getting something tasty at the end of a meal, I savour it and just go back to eating on plan the following day.

9. Take your time.
For me, Slimming World is a lifestyle change and anyone who has met me in real life will have heard me say this over and over and over!  So I'm in no rush to lose it and I know I'm making healthier choices every day.  I'm not as tired as I used to be and yes, my clothes are too big for me but I'm not quite ready to buy more yet.  Maybe when the next stone is gone!

10. Batch cook.
This is a good one because sometimes life will be busy and you won't have time to cook dinner when you get home.  So I like to make a big batch of the super speed soup or mushy pea curry and divide it into portions to freeze for days where I'm running out the door again for a meeting.  Those Uncle Ben packets of rice that you plop in the microwave for 2 minutes are so handy to have with the mushy pea curry.  Quick and easy!

So it's your turn!  For Slimming World veterans, I'd love to hear your top tips because we need all the help we can get!  And for anyone new to the plan, do you have any questions that we can help you with?  Let's help each other out!



  1. My tip is to keep a few packets of frozen fruit and veg in the freezer, they are really handy to have if you haven't time to go to the supermarket. And also, to chop up vegetables and store them in containers in the fridge, so that when you get home in the evening you can put on food straight away. As already mentioned, batch cooking is a huge time saver.

  2. It was because of you that I started slimming world and i am now 24lbs down! Best thing I have ever done and I totally think it is a lifestyle choice rather than a diet. In fact I don't feel like i am on a diet. Keep up the fab work, you are vanishing before us

  3. Thanks so much for this post Karen, it's really helpful. My first week's shop was ludicrous, but I have enough flavours & spices & cupboard staples to get me through the first few weeks while I learn to train myself away from counting the points in everything! Already I'm eating better than I have in years, will take a while to get the hang of it properly but I'm loving it. And I'm finally using all my lunchboxes and pots! Batch cooking FTW :)

  4. Thanks Karen! I've also heard lemon in your water is a great way to detox your system & aids the weightloss. Let's see how we go! Xx

  5. Noted!!! I have taken down these tips and I will try my best to start slimming down. Hope I can do it this time!


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