Thursday, June 5, 2014

Waterproof Makeup - Bourjois 1 Seconde Volume mascara review , before & after photos

I've said it before and I'll say it again, now that summer is upon us in Ireland, it means one thing, rain!  Except for the next couple of weeks while the Junior and Leaving Certs are going on, we are pretty much guaranteed to have nice weather, but that remains to be seen.

I've tried waterproof mascaras over the years and haven't been too pushed with them to be honest, feeling like the waterproof formula never lived up to the regular formula of the same mascara.  Well, that's all changed now thanks to the newest mascara from Bourjois.

The 1 Second Volume mascara promises all the things that the regular version does and after falling in love with it last month, I knew I'd have to give the waterproof version a go.  Especially with the wedding coming up.  I tested it beforehand using my tried and tested "Dunk my head in a sink of water" method and it held up perfectly.  For about 3 weeks before the wedding, I wore it non stop and not only was I pleasantly surprised with longieviety of it, but I loved the effect it gave.  Volume, lift, curl, separation and non budge-ness is all that I ask for in a mascara and this definitely delivers.

The true test would be in the waterproof aspect.  On the wedding day, there were lots of tears.  Some were happy, some were sad, definitely more happy than sad but still, tears fell out of our eyeballs a lot that day.  I had a wobble when Joanne had the veil and the dress on.  I'd a slightly bigger wobble when she attached the locket containing photos of dad to her bouquet.  Walking up the aisle, I had an attack of the happy, emotional feels.  Any mention of dad, and there were a lot, caused immediate tears and there weren't always tissues around to sop them up!  I sweated while dancing to tunes of the 80s and wore my makeup for a good 15-16 hours and this mascara did not budge.  Not one little bit!  Joanne even slept in it and had no panda eyes the next day!

I use a biphase makeup remover to take it off because my Garnier Micellar Water doesn't do anything to it.  I'll explain what one I use in an upcoming video but suffice to say, it removes it easily, with no tugging or rubbing.

Comparing the regular version to the waterproof version is easy when you have millions of photos of your eyeballs and you can see in the photo below that they're pretty darn tootin' close in every way!

A mascara like this would be perfect for festivals because we all know that festivals = rain and this will save you from having to pretend that you were actually trying to go for the panda look.  I can't recommend the Waterproof Bourjois 1 Seconde Volume mascara enough and even if you're not a fan of waterproof mascaras, why not try using it on your lower lashes so you can let any tears run freely if you're a bit of an emosh person!  Or if you're heading away on holiday, first, know that I'm insanely jealous, but secondly, this will be beach and pool friendly if you're one of those bridies that likes to wear makeup when it's hotter than the sun in Spain.  It's on counters now and definitely worth checking out folks.  €12.99 well spent in my opinion!


  1. I love this mascara!! It's what I wanted Benefit They're Real to be! Love the waterproof version, holds a curl perfectly!

    Alex | PinkElephantBlog

  2. Looks nice! I always avoid waterproof mascara since an incident with one in my teens. Remember the rimmel one in the blue casing? bad times, karen, bad times. #noreennolashes

  3. This looks amazing!! What a testament that it stayed put all day long too, you certainly put it through it's paces! It looks lovely on you x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  4. Excellent review! I'm also sold- you are officially on my enablers list as I'm out to buy this IMMEDIATELY. It's really difficult to find great waterproof mascaras that look as great as regular ones and seeing as this looks as fab on your lovely eyes as the regular, BOOM! Sold. Cheers Karen!


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