Saturday, July 5, 2014

A thought for Saturday

Life can be busy and stressful.  Sometimes your brain won't be quiet as you've a list of things to do as long as your arm and each time you cross something off that list, another two things get added on.  You might be going through some hard times and are stressing about the future, and we've read enough Pinterest quotes to know that worrying is futile and yet we can't stop.  

In an effort to just press the pause button on life for a minute, I want to stop and appreciate the little things.  My back garden has so many weird and wonderful plants growing outside and while doing any kind of gardening is my idea of torture, sometimes I find little gems out there.  Flowers that come back and bloom every year no matter how bad the weather is.

So yes, as cliche as it sounds, I did stop and smell the roses!  Taking some time to be silent and whip the camera out is nice.  No beauty products, no selfies, just a beautiful rose.

My mission is to take a few minutes each day and just enjoy something simple.  Be it a perfect cup of coffee or reading a magazine, it's nice to take a step back and do something nice for yourself.


  1. It is so important to take time out. Most of us don't do it enough

  2. Gorgeous photos Karen, i always try to do the same. It is really all about the simple things: fresh sheets, new sunday flowers, a nice dinner.


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