Thursday, July 10, 2014

Meet Pixiwoo when they come to Dublin!!

Oh lads, I can't cope.  One minute I find myself in my local shop buying milk and then next minute, I check my emails (multitasking I know) only to read that Sam and Nic Chapman, the Pixiwoo sisters to beauty lovers like us, are coming to Dublin!!  When one reads this email in a shop, one squeaks.  Actual squeakage.  Then one Tweets about it because this is huge and only one's fellow Twitter lovers will appreciate the gravity of this news.  The guys in the shop won't.

So nitty gritty time.  They'll be in Boots Jervis Street on Friday the 8th of August from 12pm-2pm and so will we, won't we?  What I'm telling you is it's time to book that day off from work or start thinking of what excuses you're going to use to ring in sick or leave work early because we all need to go and show the ladies how much we love them!

They'll be doing makeup demonstrations using their Real Techniques products, answering questions and giving us tips and tricks so come on, let's show Sam and Nic that we mean business and want them to come back more often.

Who's with me?  So the plan is, see you there at 12pm on August the 8th and let's get ready to unleash our inner fangirl!

Day made folks....  Day.  Made.


  1. Def going to be there!
    Emma xo | |

  2. OMG seriously tempted to jump on the train for this!


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