Sunday, July 13, 2014

Slimming World Sunday - Pinterest

I go through phases of using Pinterest all the time where I pin all the things, then I forget about it for a few weeks and then realise I've forgotten and pin everything again.  It's a constant cycle and while I use it mostly for beauty inspiration, I recently started using it for Slimming World inspiration and it's brilliant!

I've found some great recipes, lists of products with syn values and a whole load of motivation.  Now while I mightn't make all of the recipes, or any, it's still a great source of inspiration.  Writing these blog posts each week keeps me going and keeps people motivated but sometimes I need a little extra somethin' somethin' and that's where Pinterest comes in.  Just search for Slimming World recipes there and you can find so many little gems.  And watch and see an hour pass by before you even realise!

This is just a short and sweet post today but hopefully it'll help you out as it has me.  We've got some new ideas for the Slimming World saga, so stay tuned because we're very excited altogether at what we've got coming up and I think you're going to like it!

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