Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tarte BB tinted treatment 12 hour primer review, before & after photos galore!

Check me wearing a primer as a foundation!  My friend Caroline picked up this Tarte BB tinted treatment 12 hour primer for me in Sephora last year and I wore it lots but never blogged about it because we couldn't get Tarte here.  Since Sephora now ships to the UK and we can Parcel Motel stuff over the pond, I thought it was high time I tell you about it because I've reignited my absolute love affair with this product!

You know how I love my multitasking products?  Well this is a skin soothing treatment, a moisturiser, an SPF, a primer and a foundation to boot!  So a great one for travel now that it's summer holiday time.  My skin hasn't been too irritated recently so I haven't needed it for it's soothing properties and while I've been using my Origins VitaZing Moisturiser every day for my face because it's just my morning habit now, I haven't used it as a moisturiser, but I can tell you that it doesn't dry out my skin at all, doesn't cling to dry patches, so I think I'd be happy to use it as a moisturiser if I was on holiday and had forgotten my usual cream.

With a very respectable SPF of 30, this oil free primer is tinted as you can see above and despite it looking quite warm on the back of my hand (this is the shade Light), it blends over my skin like buttah, giving me a soft focus finish.  I do like to feel Photoshopped on a day to day basis.  In terms of coverage, it gives me a medium level of coverage on my skin and covers redness on my cheeks and nose.  Oh and I've found my favourite way to apply it is with my Nima Brush Duo Fibre brush because it seems to apply it lightly and evenly which I do rather enjoy.

For testing purposes, I've tried wearing foundations over it and it makes a perfect base for the liquid foundations in my stash which are the ones I lean towards when summer is here.  But in saying that, 95% of the time, I wear it on it's own because the finish is perfect for me.  My oily t-zone tends to go into overdrive during the summer but this BB cream dries to a velvety matte finish and stays like that all day.  All.  Day.  If I want it to last into the evening, I powder my t-zone lightly and I'm good to go.

And the best part is I can't see it on my skin at all!  It does settle into the smile lines around my mouth but I can handle that and I'm not prepared to stop smiling or laughing for the sake of makeup, no siree bob.  It helps diminish the look of my pores, especially those pesky ones on my nose and on my face either sides of my nose.

This product is enough to make me want to order from Sephora's website and if you're intrigued, which you should be because it's fantastic, then you can buy it here.  I shall repurchase when I finish my tube and I'm hoping to make it through the rest of the summer with what I have left.

Fan-feckin-tastic stuff lads you'll be seeing it in my July favourites video.  Yes, in 4 weeks.  That's how much I love it.  Grand stuff Tarte, now I want to try all of your foundations and all of the things.


  1. Wow. Your skin actually looks so amazing with this on. Not that, it looks bad with it off! You know what I mean! :D

    Think the light would be a bit dark for me, which is a shame because now I really want to try it :O Good schtuff

    1. There is a lighter shade called Fair!


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