Friday, August 15, 2014

Interview with Seventeen Brand Ambassador Vanesa Guallar & lots of festival tips & makeup tricks!

Electric Picnic is fast approaching and that means one thing.  Get your wellies and raincoat ready!  Ah no, hopefully the weather will be nice this year and if you're going to Electric Picnic then we have some makeup tips from celebrity makeup artist and SEVENTEEN Brand Ambassador Vanesa Guallar.  I asked her the hard hitting questions that we all need to know the answers of, like would she prefer to have her skirt stuck in her knickers or have lipstick on her teeth.  All very relevant in 2014 you know.  Take it away Vanesa!

I've never been to a festival.  I know, I'm scarlet for myself.  So as a festival virgin, what are the absolute must haves I should bring with me in my makeup bag that's probably going to get soaked anyway because of all the rain that inevitably falls whenever there's a festival on?

Preparation is key for festivals and the last thing you want is a make-up bag that's weighing your down.  My absolute must haves are:

SEVENTEEN Skin Wow Primer €7.59 which will help give you a luminous glow and make you look like you've had a full night's sleep, even if you haven't.

SEVENTEEN Falsifeye HD Mascara €8.89 which gives you a bold look with lashes that last all day and night (review here). (This is Karen here - I need to just tell you all that this mascara has now become my favourite drugstore mascara to date.  I know.  That's huge.  That's what she said.  Ok back to the interview!)

SEVENTEEN Stay Pout Lipstick €5.69 gives you an intense colour that stays put all day long.  It also has moisturising waxes that prevent the lips drying out - essential when outside all day.

Speaking of rain, what are your favourite waterproof makeup products that will stay put and won't have us looking like pandas?

If you worry about the rain, always use a waterproof mascara like SEVENTEEN Waterproof Mascara €5.99.  It's smudge proof meaning you won't look like a panda if the rain comes down mid festival.  It also lengthens the lashes and lasts all day.

I'm all about the summer glow but find it hard to restrain myself when it comes to highlighter and end up shining bright like a diamond, sometimes because I've caked the highlighter on, sometimes because I haven't used a mattifying powder.  What are your favourite glow inducing products that won't make it look like I'm a sweaty Betty?

You need the SEVENTEEN Skin Wow Primer and you need to make sure not to use it in the T zone area.  Control it and only use it on the cheek bones, the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye as that makes the eye look brighter and if you want an extra glow, use it on the shoulders and collor bones.  If you have oily skin, dab a bit of powder on the T zone area to make sure you don't look sweaty.

Back in the day, I loved wearing frosty blue eyeshadow from lashes to brows and the fact that there's no photographic evidence of that helps me sleep at night.  What's the biggest beauty disaster you've ever had?

FAKE TAN!  I fake tanned my whole body when I was 15 years old BUT I forgot tot tan my hands so it looked like I was wearing an orange body suit and white gloves - serious NO NO!

This is not Karen

What's your favourite summer makeup trend that you find yourself sporting these days and how can us amateurs copy you?

Bright red and orange lipstick.  It automatically makes you look healthy and it brightens your look.  It's easy to apply and instantly gives the effect that you've made a serious effort with minimal time spent.

Summer is flying by so quickly.  Give it a couple of weeks and the X Factor auditions will be on which we all know heralds the arrival of autumn, so to help us come to terms with that, are there any autumn trends that we can look forward to?

I think autumn is the makeup transition from summer to winter so stick to your bronzer for as long as possible to extend the summery look before the winter arrives and you have to adapt to the new season.

Finally, the quick fire round, Lovely Girlie Bits style!  Would you rather:

Have no eyelashes or no eyebrows?  No eyebrows.

Have messy hair and nice makeup, or nice hair and messy makeup?  Nice makeup and messy hair.

Wear the brown liner/pale lip combo or sport a perm?  NEVER brown liner with pale lip so I guess the perm...

Shave your head or not cut your hair for 5 years?  I'd rather me Pocahontas for a while!

Lose your suitcase full of clothes or toiletries bag on a trip?  Really tough!  Hmm... kill me now!

Give up your mobile phone or makeup for a year?  EEEEEEK!  Mobile phone...

Walk around all day with your skirt tucked into your knickers or have lipstick on your teeth?  I'd rather have my skirt tucked into my knickers for a week!!! Nothing good about having lipstick on my teeth!!

Thanks so much for having the chats with us Vanesa!  I'm now going to get stuck into that highlighter and rock a red lip in the attempt that I might look about 10% like that gorgeous model above!


  1. Great interview :-) .... I've heard great reviews about that skin WOW primer. I think I'll just have to purchase it now, and see for myself! :-)

    1. Thanks Sabrina! I'll be talking about it a bit more on the blog very soon so stay tuned for that :)

  2. hey, I just discovered your blog and am absolutely loving it. Also seeing as I'm in Ireland too I can actually get my hands on the products you guys talk about which is great:) good job xx Great interview!

    1. Ah thanks a mill and welcome to Lovely Girlie Bits!

  3. Dying laughing at the end, I bet that's the first time she's ever been asked if she'd rather have no eyebrows or no eyelashes!! Great interview, love this format :)

    1. I'm very profesh Shazza, this is a very serious question altogether ;P


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