Monday, September 22, 2014

Rimmel Provocalips - photos, swatches, review!

Oooh this is a good one today folks!  Launching October 6th are the Rimmel Provocalips Transfer Proof lipsticks and I've got 7 of the 8 shades available to show you up close and personal.   And they're good...  Really good...  So good, they were allowed to have their photo taken on my lips cushion!  

This 2 step lip system promises to be kiss proof, transfer proof and fool proof.  That's a lot of proof.  But let's talk details.  On one end of the tube is the lip colour part which is a thin yet incredibly pigmented runny lip lacquer more so than a lipstick and on the other is a silicon feeling topcoat that seals the lip colour without changing the colour or finish of it at all.   I think the top coat is supposed to make the colour more glossy, but I can't see a difference and I like that to be honest.  It shows off the lip colour in it's true form.

For the most part, these were an absolute dream to apply.  As I mentioned above, the coloured part is quite runny, but still densely pigmented, so I'd advise removing some of the extra product by scraping it off the side of the tube before getting to work on your lips.  The doe foot applicator means you can get a nice crisp line and when it goes on, it feels like a lip lacquer.  It's important to work quickly with this because it sets in under a minute or so.  So while you can, press your lips together to disperse the colour and make sure you've a nice clean edge before you set it with the topcoat.  Before you apply that, you'll feel that your lips are really tacky, but once a layer of the topcoat goes on, all is well and you'll have smooth lips and it'll feel like you're wearing a regular lipstick.

But you're not.  You're wearing something fantastic and for me, these are a game changer and you'll see why below all these here swatches!

Rimmel Provocalips - Play With Fire
Play With Fire is a deep red shade that's perfect for autumn with it's deep reddy wine-y goodness.  This was one of my favourites.

Rimmel Provocalips - Dare To Pink
Dare to Pink was my least favourite in terms of shade and finish. I found that this congealed along my bottom lip where it met my top lip and the colour just washed me out big time.

Rimmel Provocalips - Make Your Move
Make Your Move is stunning!  Even more so in person than in these photos.  It's the most fabulous peachy neutral lip that I'll be getting so much wear out of and it's smack bang in my comfort zone.  Yes.  Love it!

Rimmel Provocalips - I'll Call You
I'll Call you is a really pretty pinky mauve-y purple-y shade that's totally wearable and makes me feel very sophisticated and grown up altogether when I wear it.

Rimmel Provocalips - Little Minx
Little Minx is for fans of bright fuchsia lips and Mags, if you're reading this, it's you in lipstick form!  I actually loved this more than I thought I would, so might venture out with this on soon!

Rimmel Provocalips - Kiss Fatal
Kiss Fatal is a daring shade in that it's a berry colour, but has a slight metallic finish to it.

Rimmel Provocalips - Kiss Me You Fool
Finally we have Kiss Me You Fool, my absolute favourite...  You know how I always say I'm too scared to go outside the house wearing red lips?  Well folks, this is one I'll be wearing out 100% and already think I know when I will too, so stay tuned for that.

The reason I know I'll be wearing it out is because on Saturday I tested this out properly.  I applied it for this post in the morning, wore it while filming my Disappointing Products video and it didn't budge.  I had lunch about 4 hours after applying it and after eating and drinking, there was no transfer on my glass, no movement, no nothing!  It looked exactly the same as when I applied it and it was only about 6 hours after the initial application that my lips started feeling a bit tacky, but still looked flawless, so I applied more of the topcoat and it felt perfect again.

8 hours after applying it, I had to have a shower, so off it came, but not easily I tell you!  It didn't budge with micellar water nor with my La Roche-Posay Physiological Cleanser or a WaterWipe.  I had to root out my Garnier Biphase eye makeup remover and that was the only thing that worked and that's most likely down to the oil that breaks down the lipstick.  This is seriously heavy duty stuff people!

Top row left to right : Rimmel Provocalips Play With Fire, Rimmel Provocalips Dare To Pink
Second row left to right: Rimmel Provocalips Make Your Move, Rimmel Provocalips I'll Call You
Third row left to right: Rimmel Provocalips Fatal Kiss, Rimmel Provocalips Little Minx
Bottom row: Rimmel Provocalips Kiss Me You Fool, swatchfest on the arm!
So I think it's safe to say that these are an absolute winner in my book.  They'll set you back only €8.49 which is for nothing and chances are they'll be on special offer when they launch, so no excuse!

If you're looking for a truly long lasting product, then you'll need to check these out.  Knowing that it's going to stay in place all night makes for a happy Karen and a Karen that will wear bright shades outside of the house!  Those red shades will be on constant rotation during December I tell you!

So are you intrigued?  Will you be checking them out when they launch?


  1. Oh I can't wait for these to launch as I love long lasting lip products. It's disappointing that they're only real nude shade is a let down but I guess I'll have to go with an autumn shade instead x

    Beauty with charm

    1. There's one other nude in the collection Alina but I haven't seen it in the flesh yet, but you might as well try something new!

  2. It looks fantastic ! And if it really stays on for 8 hours, it's an absolute must have :D

    1. One of the best long wearing lip products I've tried in ages!

  3. These all look fabulous on you and you have made me want them ALL despite the fact that I am not the biggest fan of the Apocalipseseses! Great review!! :)

    *adds to wishlist*

    1. These are mucho different to the Apocolipseseses and yes, you need them all missus ;P

  4. I was looking forward to a review on these! They all look fab!

  5. YES!! Make your Move shall be mine, LOVE. Fatal Kiss looks really similar to the Heather Shimmer lipstick everyone wore to school discos, it looks like something from Beverly Hills 90210. I may need it too. I'll kill you, my wishlist is ridiculous.

  6. Make your move is gorge I tell ya. Ah I remember Heather Shimmer back in the day! Fatal Kiss is a bit more purple than HS but equally as metallic in all it's glory ;)


  7. oh my goodness , these are beautiful !

    i'm so in love with "play with fire" , "make your move" , "fatal kiss" & "kiss me you fool" .

    i hope we get these in the US soon !

    thank you so much for swatching & reviewing .

    ––– nicole

  8. Fab post - thanks. I've made a list of 3 to try when I do some girly shopping next week.


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