Monday, October 6, 2014

Sponsored video - Daytime, evening & vampalicious look - TK Maxx Big Brand Beauty!

If you know me at all, you'll know that I love browsing through the beauty aisles of TK Maxx.  Whenever we go in to a branch, (Blanchardstown is my favourite one, followed by the new Ilac Centre shop) mam and Joanne head off to the clothes and shoes and I set up camp in the beauty section.

It's my happy place.  And unlike Boots where it's a straightforward shopping experience, TK Maxx is like searching for treasure because you never know what you're going to find in there.  Case in point, when I was in Blanchardstown on Saturday, I went through everything 3 times and at the end of each round, I kept finding new bits.  Finally, an hour later, I was satisfied that I'd seen everything and found all my goodies!

Last week they had a Big Brand Beauty Drop where a million products landed in branches across the country.  This made me very happy and very excited as you can imagine.  This is what beauty junkies like me wait to hear!  I was given the opportunity by TK Maxx to go shopping to pick up some products and show you a look that you can create with them.  I wasn't happy creating just one look, because this is me and makeup, so I've made a video showing a daytime look, amped up a bit more for an evening look and then went full on va va voom for the final look!   I have to admit, I love the dark eyes and dark lips and think I'll have to recreate this again for a special event.

As I explain in the video, you know the way TK Maxx works and they generally only have a couple of each item and when it's gone, it's gone.  So I haven't shown you what products I've used because if you see something you love, and then go to search for it, chances are it'll be gone and then you'll be devastated forever and ever Amen.  Maybe not, but you know what I mean!  This is essentially to show you that they have fantastic stuff in there at the moment, so go in for a squizz and see what gems you can find! 

So tell me, are you a TK Maxx fiend like moi?  Have you picked up a great bargain from there recently?  

* This video was sponsored by TK Maxx*

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  1. A TK Maxx recently opened up near me and I have lost count how many times I've stopped in. So many bargains and niceness!


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