Thursday, October 30, 2014

Favourite Five Halloween YouTube Makeup Tutorials that even I could do!

So tomorrow is Halloween and I don't know where the month of October has gone!  I love watching Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube and despite having zero talent when it comes to doing that kind of thing myself, I still watch my favourites in the hopes that I'll be able to learn from them!

If you're heading to a party and are stuck for something to dress up as but want to make some effort, any of these 5 makeup looks will sort you out.  And the best thing is, you only need makeup to do them yourself, no latex or special effects which is what someone like me needs.  So let's get to it shall we?  I've been keeping tabs on my YouTube subscription box over the past few weeks so I could bring you my Favourite Five this spooky season!

Sharon Farrell

When I saw this thumbnail in my subscription box, I was convinced Sharon Farrell, Irish makeup artist extraordinaire, had posted a black and white photo.  But no, she's just used white, black and grey to achieve this gorgeous 20s inspired makeup look that I think I'd actually be able to do myself!  I'm a massive fan of Sharon as it is, so make sure you subscribe to this talented lady.

The Makeup Fairy

Ah Joanne Larby, you're a grand bridie who knows that even a gobshite like me could attempt this super easy skeleton makeup tutorial!  Granted, I would probably mess-up the itty bitty lines and would end up with things being a bit messier but I really think I'd be able to attempt this!  Of course, after a few drinks, who knows what state I'd be in but still, totally achievable.  Nice one Joanne!

Promise Phan

Promise Phan is one of my favourite non Irish makeup artists and girlfriend has mad skills when it comes to Halloween, so make sure to check out her channel for lots more tutorials, Halloween and otherwise.  I love this cartoon tutorial and again, totally doable!  Now I just need to find me a blue wig...


Irish makeup artist Siobhan McDonnell is the queen of Halloween and I always look forward to her tutorials year after year.  Except this year, she's fa-reeeeeaked me out with this amazing 3D spider tutorial and there's a scary clown one too that I haven't been able to watch due to post traumatic stress after watching Stephen King's "It" many years ago.  If you aren't a wimpazoid like me, then go and watch it and let me know if I'd have nightmares.  Otherwise, watch the 3D spider tutorial one but beware if you do this, then have a few drinks, you might frighten the actual shite out of yourself when you look in the mirror going to bed.  Don't say I didn't warn you!


If the tutorials above still seem like they might be too hard for you this Halloween, then watch Sam's tutorial where she shows face stickers from Claire's Accessories and uses ones from Face Lace .  I could totally stick stuff on my face!  Sam and Nic have lots of Halloween tutorials on their channel so you know what to do and let's be honest, you should already be subscribed to them as it is.

So those are my favourite five Halloween tutorials this year!  Maybe next year I'll suddenly have developed some talent and be able to do a few tutorials myself but that's highly doubtful, so I'll do this post again next year with five more talented makeup artists showing off their skills!

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