Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My favourite autumn candles from Max Benjamin, La Bougie, This Works & Molten Brown

Ok, I know that what I'm about to say will make me sound like a total bridie but my favourite thing on a Sunday is to snuggle up on the couch in all my fleece (they need to invent fleece underwear), light a bunch of candles, turn off the lights and watch Love Hate.  I'm very into candles and cosiness right now and while I do light lots of candles, I generally only light one scented one, the rest are tea lights in cute candle holders.  If I was to light every candle I own, I'd give myself a touch of the vapours.

I went through a phase years ago of being afraid to light candles, wanting to keep them for "good use".  What that means, I don't know but now I've been using them up like there's no tomorrow and when I'm tucked up on the couch with Bailey snoring away, I want there to be no tomorrow because it's the business!

Some new candles have come into my life recently and I wanted to share them with you because we all need to start a candle, couch and fleece club, for reals.

Max Benjamin Tea Candles

Irish candle company Max Benjamin has released a new 5 strong collection of candles infused with tea fragrances, each one more gorgeous than the last.  It has Assam & Lemon, Lime Flower & Lavender, Raspberry & Ginseng, Serene Jasmine and Victorian Earl Grey.  Regular readers of the blog will know that I love all things jasmine so of course, Serene Jasmine is my favourite.  But only by a hair because the whole collection smells divine.  And will you check out the packaging!  They come with a lid to keep the dust away and make them look even prettier if that's possible.  They kick off so much scent and I find that lighting one in the living room fills the whole of the downstairs of the house with the light, delicate fragrance.  I can't wait to finish one so I can start the next one!  And at €15, they're such a bargain and will make a great little Secret Santa/Stocking Stuffer present.

This Works Lavender & Roman Chamomile Candle

As a massive fan of the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, it was a given that at some point I'd pick up one of their candles too.  The Lavender & Roman Chamomile candle is perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day and I've been burning this on my bedside table, creating an air of calm before bed time.  I found mine in TK Maxx but you can buy it online here.  I don't like candles that are too strong when it comes to bed time and this one is perfect for filling the air with it's scent, but not my schnoz.

Molten Brown Firefly Embers Candle

This is Joanne's candle but I "borrowed" it for the purpose of this blog post (and totally used it twice).  I smelled this during the summer in Arnotts and fell in love.  Deep in love.  If you don't have a proper fireplace in your home and want it to smell like burning logs, all autumnal and bonfire-y, then you need to smell Firefly Embers.  It's warm, cosy and will make you want to whip out the marshmallows!  It's expensive at €49, but holy moly it's gorgeous.  Totally one for snuggling up on the couch with!

La Bougie Mission Fig Candle

Lucy Hagerty, founder and perfumer at La Bougie Candles has expanded her collection to include Mission Fig.  Created in Tuscany, Lucy wanted to create a unique fig fragrance and Mission Fig is beautiful.  It's sweet, slightly floral and makes for the perfect scent to take us into autumn.  I'm a massive fan of La Bougie and have been alternating Mission Fig with Sage & Bitter Orange.  These candles are well worth the €20 and you can find a list of stockists here.

Are you mad into your candles too at the moment or is it just me?  Tell me what you're burning now so I can add it to my list because there are a lot of dark evenings ahead of us and we need to be all cosy!


  1. My current favorite is Max Benjamin favorite is the White Pomegranate Diffuser

  2. Max Benjamin is my absolute favourite, but Avoca do lovely own brand scented candles too (forget the name of the one I'm burning at the moment, but they are all divine!). And anything Diptyque is on my Christmas list too... Obsessed!

  3. I love candles...Was just watching The Apprentice there and their task was to create a luxury candle and then I read this. I love candles in the winter time they really make me relaxed and cosy. Currently burning a Yankee Candle-Black Coconut, totally recommend.

  4. Ooh I need to get in on that candle, couch and fleece club! I'm mad for the Yankee Candle wax tarts lately, I'm loving Spiced Orange at the moment. I need to try those Max Benjamin ones.

  5. Nothing like a gorgeous candle! I really want to try those Max Benjamin ones, I love their regular line x

  6. Max Benjamin Serene Jasmine is just gorgeous! And I loove the packaging, definitely need to stock up on a few more from the range! :)


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