Thursday, October 16, 2014

New! Garnier BB Cream + Blur review, photos, comparison

You know I'm a big fan of the Garnier BB Cream and truth be told, it's still one of the most searched for blog posts here at Lovely Girlie Bits.  I've also spoken about the Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur here and still find it fantastic at filling in my crater pores and creating a smooth canvas to pile the war paint on.  Well they've only gone and combined the two products into one and we do know how I enjoy multifunctional products because girlfriend here likes to carry around as few products as possible to ensure she doesn't develop back problems.

So the Garnier BB Cream and Blur promises to smooth skin texture, blur wrinkles and imprefections, leave a matte velvet finish, moisturise and even skin tone, all with a very healthy hit of SPF30.  Sounds like the perfect product doesn't it?

Now, a lot of BB Creams are high on coverage, making them sit more on the foundation end of the spectrum, but this version is definitely more on the sheer side, but is still buildable.  In terms of texture, it's nice and fluid, and I thought it was going to be thicker with the blurry stuff in it, but it's really lightweight on the skin and dare I say it, less visible on the skin and more natural compared to my beloved Garnier BB cream.
Garnier BB Cream + Blur before (L), after (R)
So I wanted to compare this new incarnation of the BB cream with the 5 Second Perfect Blur and the BB Cream from Garnier.  If they were essentially combining two products into one, then I wanted to see if we really needed the new thing if we had the two old things.  That's a lot of things but this is scientific beauty stuff!

When I first poured some of the BB Cream + Blur onto the back of my hand, I nearly had a nose bleed when I saw how dark it was and this was the light shade!  But you can see from the swatches above that it blends out into a similar shade, ever so slightly darker, but less yellow toned than the original BB cream.

Garnier BB Cream applied over Garner 5 Second Perfect Blur
You can see in the photos above what it looks like when I apply the 5 Second Perfect Blur and then the regular BB Cream over the top.  It gives a decent amount of coverage, evens out the skin tone and gives a satin finish.

Now it's time to do side by side photos!

Garnier BB Cream + Blur (L), Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur and Garnier BB Cream (R)
It's only when I had the two products on my face at the same time that I really saw the difference in them.  The BB Cream + Blur gives a much more natural finish to the skin and evens out my complexion while still letting my skin shine through.  And despite it being a bit darker, it looks so much nicer and more natural on the skin.  Despite promising a matte finish, it definitely gives a slight glow to my skin which I prefer when I see the two sides of my face beside each other like this!  I think that the side of my face with the 5 Second Perfect Blur and BB Cream looks a bit flat in comparison to the other side, it looks a bit more yellow and while it does have a satin finish, I'm not sure I like it as much as the other side.  How fickle am I!

Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur and Garnier BB Cream (L), Garnier BB Cream + Blur (R)
Behold a photo where half of my face has one set of products and half has the other.  You can see from my nose that the two products layered definitely gives more coverage, but again, looking at the photo and seeing it in person, I think I prefer the new offering.  Luckily I don't have many wrinkles (yet) so I can't see much of a difference in terms of blurring any lines on my face.

So my verdict?  If you're after something that's going to give a light coverage, that evens out your complexion, gives a subtle glow to the skin and make you look a bit more alive while pretending your skin is naturally lovely, then this is one to check out.  Just don't have a mickey fit when you pour it out onto the back of your hand, it does blend out lighter, but pale girls will need to keep looking.

Now if I was doing a video on this, you know for an actual fact that I'd have to get in the Spice Girls "2 become 1" line complete with hand gestures because in this case, they've combined two great products to make one even better product in my opinion.  It'll set you back a very random RRP€15.24 and is in shops now.

Are you intrigued?  And are you singing 2 become 1 now?


  1. I need some love like I never needed love before!

  2. God forgive you Karen....I'll be singing that song in work all day! lol :-) Great post though :-) :-)

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  4. Hi Karen, Do you prefer this bb cream to the Darphin cc cream you reviewed a while back?

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  6. I love BB creams thanks for the review. And yes that silly song going through my head now


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