Sunday, November 9, 2014

Give us your New York recommendations!

Later this month, Joanne and I are bringing mam to New York for her birthday.  We did it 10 years ago for the first time and have been lucky enough to visit there many times since, but this year is another special one for lots of reasons which we'll fill you in on when we're vlogging there!  Mam doesn't read the blog or watch our videos but it'd be the one time she did, so secrets shall be kept until then!

As I said, we're New York veterans at this stage and love the hustle and bustle of the city.  We have our little traditions that we have to do or else it won't feel right, like when we drop our cases off at the hotel, we have to go to Macys for that first sweep to see what's in store.  We always go and watch the Thanksgiving Day parade and see the Rockettes in Radio City Music Hall on Thanksgiving night and we'll be doing that again this year.

Despite doing lots of things we always do, we like to do new things each time we're there.  Last time we walked along the High Line, a raised walkway/park developed on disused railway line from the Meat Packing District to west 34th street and we finally went to Top of the Rock at Rockerfeller Centre which was fantastic and we'd highly recommend it.  We also did a night time bus tour with nearly froze the diddies off us, but it was completely worth it, even getting electric shocks in our earholes from the earphones on the bus.  The sights were breathtaking and was worth getting frozen right down to our bones!

We'll be there for the Black Friday sales which is always good craic and will do some damage in Sephora and Woodbury Commons for sure!  But we always like new shopping tips and recommendations!  I'm going to try to get to an Ulta, but am afraid to get my hopes up in case I don't get time, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

We want your help folks!  Do you have any restaurant recommendations?  We definitely want to hit up Luke's Lobster, a new place I found in my research along with old favourites Virgil's BBQ, Red Lobster and Olive Garden (they have the best salad and mini donut bites!)  Are there any must eat at places that will send us out on the streets with full bellies, wishing we'd put our stretchy pants on?

And what about things to see and do?  I'd love to rent a boat on the lake in Central Park for the craic but I'm not sure if mam would be up for that!  We want to do either the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock at night this year but would love to do something completely new.  Is there an area we should explore some afternoon?

We'd love your input as we count down the days and make our list of things to see, do and eat!  Leave us a comment if we're missing out on something major in New York!

Thanks so much guys and as I mentioned above, we'll be vlogging every day over there so it'll be like you're coming with us!  So make sure you subscribe to our channel here and chances are the videos will all be uploaded when we get back because the wifi isn't great in the aul hotel and I ain't wasting precious New York time hoofing it to Starbucks to upload!  I can't wait for this holiday and am so happy we're on the countdown now!


  1. I always loved getting the subway down to Brooklyn and walking back to Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge (short walk, great photos!) From there you can hang around South St Seaport, into Little Italy and Chinatown.

    I also love going to the UCB Theatre, a tiny little improv comedy place in Chelsea. Shows are usually $5 and hilarious! Any Poehler was one of the founders.

    I'm way too out of date for food recs, but if I think of anything else I'll be back here!

  2. Have you been to serendipity for dessert mmmm it's amazing, I love to go to the tenement museum it's fab

  3. For a good beauty stop, the Bite Beauty Lip Lab is heaps of fun! Can't remember the exact address but a quick google should tell you. You can purchase from the whole Bite range, which is all great stuff, but you can also make your own lipstick, right down to the scent and finish!

  4. I've yet to go to New York (hopefully next year with my two sisters) but we definitely want to take in a Broadway show when we are there. At the moment, the yummy Ewan McGregor is starring in the play "The Real Thing" by Tom Stoppard. I'm jealous already!

  5. I love love love Clarke's on Lexington. Hamburger and milkshakes galore! The perfect snack to bring to Central Park for a picnic!

    This is their website

    Enjoy ladies, I'll be avoiding all of your social platforms so I don't die of jealousy!

  6. Hi there. I stumbled on your blog many months ago and I've been lurking ever since to catch some of your charming writing. I recently moved out of NYC after 17 years--I'm happy to post recs or suggestions. In fact, I just wrote out a whole list and then my Internet crashed, so here's a shortened version: In Times Square: for Asian food, try Qi, John's Pizza for NYC pizza, or Osteria I-can't-remember-the-name on 44th; I think it is next to Virgil's. A bit pricier than Olive Garden, but so good and lovely inside. I don't eat seafood, but coworkers liked a seafood place on 49th and 6th ave. Walk up 9th avenue, too for restaurants. Now here's my biggest suggestion: get out of midtown--there's so much that is wonderful about NYC past that area. In fact, the Sephora Times Square is huge, but in my opinion the Sephora on 17th street in Union Square is better--less crowded, big space, helpful employees and a chiller vibe which makes browsing easier. If you go there head to Old Town Tavern on 18th for a bit of old NYC and enjoy a burger. Good shopping on 5th avenue down that way, too. The Bite beauty labs is located in Soho/Noho/Nolita and so many cute places down doesn't hurt that the Bite products are game changers. They will even make you a custom lipstick, and don't you need that? The walk on the Brooklyn bridge is wonderful, and if you have the time, walk along the Brooklyn promenade for the view of lower Manhattan. If you stay downtown, Chinatown has great Dim Sum, and/or there is stone street for restaurants if you are in the waterfront area. Also a place in the area (Water st, maybe?) called Dead Rabbits which has flawless cocktails and oysters. I second UCB as well...last time I went, for $10 I saw half the cast of 30 Rock perform. If Broadway is your choice, check the websites of the shows you are interested in. See if they have 'stand by' tickets--basically, they will give you instructions about how to enter your name in a lottery to win deeply discounted tickets a few hours before the show. It might be tricky to do on a holiday weekend, but can't hurt to look into it. Anyway, thank you for the opportunity to reminisce about my favorite city. I'm happy to answer any questions--your blogging has given me suggestions and joy. Maureen

  7. I would also recommend serendipity for dinner and their yummy frozen hot chocolate.


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