Monday, November 17, 2014

Make your own Christmas Jumpers with Lovely Girlie Bits!

So here's the first of our festive videos and hopefully we'll have lots more for you between now and Christmas!  We decided to upload this one now because the party season is fast approaching and in case you're on the market for the tackiest Christmas jumpers known to man, you might want to give one of these a go!

The Christmas tree one is pure tack.  We have tinsel, we have battery operated lights, we have a star and we blahddy love it!  We saw this photo on Pinterest and it took ages to find the proper owner of the photo!  But we were completely inspired to try it ourselves with with a little extra added bonus of lights.  You could do this to any old jumper you have,  we picked a hoodie because we were in Penneys looking for inspiration, saw one in green and red and immediately knew it was a sign and picked 'em up.

The Santa inspired jumper is easy peasy to do, is less tacky (slightly) than the Christmas tree one but just as festive.

So have a look at how we managed to make a holy show of ourselves with these amazingly festive, tacky and tinsel-tastic Christmas jumpers!  

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