Monday, November 10, 2014

Sephora Wish List #4!

I can't believe this is the final Sephora wish list!  If you've missed the previous three, then I'll link them below but this is it, the final frontier...  I've browsed my little heart away, researching to beat the band, safe in the knowledge that I'll be in the aisles of Sephora shortly, in a blind panic.  I won't remember any of these things so have to make sure I screenshot them all for ease of access when it comes to shopping because if you've been in Sephora at all, you know that it can be overwhelming.  There are beauty products as far as the eye can see.  Things we can't get here.  Christmas sets.  Mini things.  Rollerball perfumes.  Ok, the panic is coming, I'd better talk you through this wish list before I give myself the squirts from excitement!

Sephora Wish List #4

After falling back in love with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, it's only natural that I decide I need to try the Beauty Blender.  Sure I'm perfectly happy with the RT one and yet I crave the original one... I am a tulip, I know.  But I need to see if it's any better and this one comes with the solid cleaner and I want to give that a whirl.

When Mags from Emerald Eyeliner sent me a photo of this absolute beaut of a palette recently, I squeaked.  Out loud.  The Full Exposure palette is still one of my favourite neutral palettes ever and this one is just as gorgeous....  I can't wait to cover myself in swatches and see if it lives up to the first palette...

Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix
This quartet of Bite Beauty lip crayons is the perfect way for me to delve into the Bite range.  Except despite being listed in the Bite Beauty section of the website, the link doesn't work, so I'll have to wait and hope it's there in person.  FML Sephora website with wonky links.

I do love a good gimmick when it comes to makeup and after watching Tati's video on 2014 Holiday Palettes, I knew I'd be checking this one out from Too Faced.  It has eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers and a mascara and for $49, I think I love it already.

Come on, you didn't think I was going to make it through a wish list without something from Tarte now did you?  Not at all.  I have to be consistent if nothing else!  This eight piece lip set has the famous Tarte lip tints and lip glosses and I do think we'd be very happy together.  And the fact that they're small means I can (and probably will) carry them all around in my handbag like a crazy lip product person!

I think I have the mascara wardrobe and lipstick wardrobe down pat, but now I believe I need a bronzer wardrobe so I do.  This set has four bronzers in different shades and with different finishes so I'll be good to go for the whole year (hypothetically speaking don't you know) and it also comes with a little kabuki brush.  The packaging looks lightweight enough and should be compact so I can put one into my makeup bag when I need to bronzify myself.

I saw Fleur De Force talking about this in a video months ago and have filed this away in my noggin of mascaras to try since then.  I loved the original Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara from Tarte and am intrigued as to whether this one will be better and might be holy grail status... Only time will tell.... And buying it and trying it out...

I love Sephora's own brand and haven't tried enough products from it, so I'll have to give these glittery beauties a go and at $12, they're not breaking the bank, will be perfect for Christmas parties and the like, so I can see myself picking up the coral one for sure (of course) and possibly the red.  Twill be Christmas and all....

And that's it!  I am all wish listed out and have just realised I haven't researched drug store makeup at all.... I'll just have to wing it!  So tell me, do you see anything here that you like the look of or is there anything I've missed?  To the comments, tally ho!



  1. Loving these lists Karen, they really give me The Want! I curse the day the idea of a makeup wardrobe was born, it's going to bankrupt us all!

  2. Karen - great list ! Have you thought about any skincare stuff - Sunday Riley / First Aid Beauty / Kate Somerville / Clinique ? You will need a spare bag to bring home All.the.Stuff !!

  3. OMG's i cant wait to see what you get. Can you please do a vlog from inside a sephora so I can pretend that I am with you


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