Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush - Blissful, photos, review

As you know well by now, I am a Tarte fanatic and somehow I've managed to amass a grand collection of the Amazonian Clay blushes.  They are simply faboosh and it hurts my little heart (but not my wallet) that we can't get them here in Ireland.  I know we can order from Sephora but it's not the same sure it's not?  So in an effort to help you decide whether to take the plunge and order from Sephora, I'll be showing you my stash in action with cheek swatches galore, ok?

This is Blissful.  Don't I look blissful wearing it?

Blissful is described as a shimmering warm peach and while I don't find it shimmering at all at all, it is most definitely peach.  A corally peach.  See?

Of all of the Tarte blushes in my stash, this is the least pigmented when it comes to swatching, but it's texture is also different to the others.  It feels more compact and hard in the pan and I find if I rub my finger on it to swatch it, not much comes off, so I'm not sure if has developed one of those much loathed films that plagued a MAC MSF I had once, or if it's just the formulation of this particular shade.  But once I work a brush into it properly, swirling and digging into it, I can get more product out of the pan and onto my face.  

I use this Tarte blush brush that I got in a set a couple of years ago and this shape is grand for getting stuck into the pan and getting some of the blush out.  A quick swoosh over the apples of my cheeks and voila.  A healthy glow that looks completely natural and stays put all day.

And you can see in the close up shot below that you can't see it on my skin at all.  There's something special about these Tarte blushes and Blissful is just beautiful.  As I'm perpetually exhausted, it's nice to lash a bit of this on to give life to my mush and pretend I've had a grand night's sleep!

Do you have any of the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes?  Which is your favourite shade and which one do I need to try next?



  1. That sure looks pretty on you missus!

  2. I've never used Tarte blushes but I love the first shade very much especially that it doesn't have shimmer.

  3. Oh my word! What foundation are you wearing? Your skin looks flawless! Let me in on the secret, please :) xx

  4. I've been threatening to buy one of these for ages I might just take the plunge!

  5. Love love the blush ! And the foundation ! And especially the mascara, what are you wearing on your lashes ?
    One of these days I'm going to have a Tarte blush, that is, after I've finished my other blushes, mineral samples and pressed blushes altogether >.<


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