Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette - a must have for one reason!

I'm sure you've probably heard of the Comfort Zone palette from Wet n Wild by now and despite having it in my stash for a while now, it's only recently that I've been playing around with it properly. Such is the life of a beauty blogger with too much makeup and not enough eyeballs.

This eight pan palette is filled to the brim with neutral, earthy toned eyeshadows, each one softer and more buttery that the rest.  But one shade has my heart and you can probably tell from the photo above and the description of the shade being worn away from lots of love.  I would like to introduce you to the one stop smokey eye shadow - aka that one on the bottom left.  It's labelled as a definer, but I've been slathering it all over my eyelids like a good thing lately with nothing else and this is why....

This is one eyeshadow people!  I do love a good duo chrome eyeshadow and this one, a brilliant dupe for MAC's Club eyeshadow, is a doozy.  It has a warm, brown base with red undertones combined with that green shimmer and together, they're a perfect blend.  If you pack the colour onto the lid, then the green shows up more and if you blend the edges, the brown takes hold and makes this the perfect one shadow smokey eye.  For an even more metallic finish to the lids, apply it wet and the green will stand out even more.  For something even smokier, apply brown eyeliner to the waterline and you're good to go.

To be honest, the other shades haven't really gotten much loving yet, but I'll get around to them!  I've given them a few goes and they're a neutral eye lover's dream, but this shade has my heart and my eyes.  €6.49 is piddlin' money and so go root around in your purse for change and get this now.  You can find Wet n Wild in selected chemist nationwide and in Dunnes Stores, so no excuse not to pick it up!


  1. I love this palette too! The pink shade is one my favourites in it.

  2. I have this palette and everytime I take it out I have to swatch that shade on my hand and just stare it because its so pretty! Have yet to figure out how to use it, so thanks Karen now I might actually have a way to wear it thanks to this post! :)

  3. Well at last, I have one thing that you have talked about on the blog ^^
    I love the color of this eyeshadow ! The other eyeshadows are pretty too, but they're all a little powdery and they crease on me so I don't use it much... Plus the "definer" from the left and the "crease" from the right don't show up much as they are hard to get on my brush... But, for 7€ the palette which I even had for free (thanks to the Amazon gift coupons I get sometimes), it's good enough !

  4. This palette I have had for so long! Its honestly beautiful but doesn't get enough love. I wish there was a really nice deep matte shade and a matte transition color. I find I have to pull other eyeshadows out when using this palette!

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  5. Gorgeous! I've had my eye on that palette for a while now too!

  6. I got this in a swap ages ago from a girl in America and left it lying round for too long - that shade is AMAZING. I saw it on a blog and went mental for it until I realised that I already had it......

  7. Love the left-hand side but I feel for me the right side would go unused - still they're so cheap it hardly matters if you don't use them all! xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  8. The greeny colours are gorgeous, wet n' wild have some amazing stuff! x


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