Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our New York trip in food!

A little break from beauty today, but for good reason!  New York feels like it was forever ago.  I have the sads, but also have some brilliant memories from one of the best trips ever.  I've filmed lots of footage that I'm in the process of editing for our YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe here so you don't miss out on anything.  Our brother Stephen flew over to surprise mam and for the last few months, we've been planning out the meals we wanted to have because there are so many lovely places over there to nosh at and we wanted to make the most of the few days he was there.  We went to some old favourites like the cafeteria in Macy's downstairs which is always our first port of call on the day we arrive and the same went for the day Stephen arrived.  We'd hoped to go to Shake Shack but it was too squishy the evening we went, but fear not, for we ate ourselves silly, but walked a million miles every day so ended up losing weight over there!

I know a few people who are heading to New York soon, so this is for you and if you do try any of these places, let me know!

We only found this by accident on the last day after we'd checked out of the hotel and were wandering up fifth avenue.  I actually had the 42nd street location on my list of places to go but forgot to look for it, but then this happened!  It's like the universe didn't want us to leave New York without trying Luke's Lobster in some capacity and holy moly it was amazing...

I prefer crab to lobster so I got a crab roll which was sheer perfection.  Chunks of soft white crab meat in a brioche roll, seasoned beautifully (I need to find out what they used so I can recreate it) and each bite was more delicious than the last.  We stood on the street corner making yummy noises and all agreed that we'd have eaten that every single day if we'd found it earlier!  If you're heading to New York, Luke's Lobster.  Do it.  Eat it.  Thank me later.

We couldn't wait to bring Stephen here because he's a big fan of all the meat like Mr Joey Tribbiani and after our first trip there this time (we went twice), he realised he should've worn his stretchy pants!  A word to the wise, don't order starters as the portions are mahoosive and you won't be able to eat your main.  Chances are you won't be able to finish your main anyway as you'll be stuffed full of soft, tasty meat.  The trash ribs are out of this world...  The meat falls off the bone and the BBQ sauce is smokey, tasty and finger lickin' good.  Oh wait, wrong restaurant.  But there's a reason why they give you tea towels as your napkin.  You will make a holy mess of yourself tucking into it all!  Weird thing is that they give you circles of raw onion under slices of pickles as a garnish/vegetable?  The Constantines did not like that.

The prawns are the meatiest prawns I've ever put into my gob and the pulled pork and pulled chicken make me want to whip out my slow cooker and make this myself.  In traditional Constantine form, the vegetables were few and far between in our meals but I did get a side of collard greens with ham hock in it and nobody could believe I was horsing my way through a pot of cabbage!  So tasty, so filling and you'll need a stroll afterwards to work it all off, but prepare yourself for the meat sweats.  They'll come and they'll be worth every bead of sweat!

I have my friend Caroline to thank for this recommendation.  She was in New York a couple of weeks before me and said to try this place for brunch.  We went for the first time the morning Stephen got there and as you'll see in our vlogs, our stomachs were in bits because he was arriving later that day to surprise mam and we were afraid we'd mess it up at the last hurdle!  But despite the excited nerves, I had the avocado toast that I could've eaten every single morning it was that tasty.  It came with eggs cooked to your specification, I chose over medium, and hash browns that had lots of crispy bits.  The regular coffee was too strong for me and that's saying something!  Joanne and I knew after that meal that we'd be going back again with Stephen because it was one of the best breakfasts we've ever eaten.

We went back two days later, Joanne and Stephen had the pastrami hash which beat them, again, due to the gimungous portion size!  Both times mam had the pancakes with apples and pears and she loved having her own pot of maple syrup.  Starting your day off with a meal like that will keep you full for hours!  My least favourite thing about Friedman's is the full length textured glass door to the bathroom.... Mam was outside I felt like she could see exactly what I was doing, so word to the wise, close your eyes and pretend the door is made of wood...  But while you're sitting on the loo ignoring the fact that strangers could watch you wee, this gorgeous little chalkboard will make you smile!

It's not a trip to New york unless you've had a big old slice or pizza, or two in this case.  We knew Stephen was going to shit himself (not literally, at least not in Friedman's loo) when he tasted pizza at our local pizza joint.  Little Italy Pizza on East 33rd and 5th is great value, does delicious pizza and keeps us coming back for more.  We went there twice on the trip because it was just so tasty and had it on days where we didn't want a full meal (but totally had Pinkberry on the way home to the hotel).

Why did I feel the need to torment myself with memories and photos of delicious food?  Because it's the beginning of January and I'm trying to get back on track after eating everything in sight for weeks!  Basically since New York!  So while I'm not eating bold stuff, I can enjoy looking at photos of bold stuff I ate and I'm doing anyone who's going to New York a favour too because if you try any of these places, you come out full and happy.

So tell me, who's going to New York anytime soon?  Make me jealous!


  1. Omg Karen i'm feckin starvin after reading this post!! Everything looks delicious!!! Claire x

  2. I have never wanted pulled pork more than I do RIGHT NOW. The whole lobster thing freaks me out but the rest looks so yum x


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