Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Video - Budget beauty haul!

Spending ban, schmending ban.  I wanted to shop for makeup so hoofed my way to all the chemists to see what was new and feed my beauty habit while being on a budget.  Boots points were spent, other money was spent, but I got some great deals and as it's the end of January and we're all broke, it's nice to treat oneself while not spending a bomb.

I hit up Boots, Deals, and Northwood Pharmacy before I realised what had actually happened and how many bits I picked up, but I love them all and am enjoying testing them out this week!  They were for the blog *ahem*


1 comment

  1. I have that mascara because I'm incapable of waiting for a prescription in Boots without buying something shiny, didn't open it yet so I'm looking forward to seeing what you think!


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